Friday, January 17, 2014

Surprise! It is a BABY SHOWER!

Well, let me give you a quick background, and then I will get to the fun stuff.

I worked at a small private school in 2008-2009. While there, I met amazing women. Khadine, Christine, Susan and Jennifer. We have all stayed in touch over the years and remained great friends. We used to go out to eat lunch at least once a month just to catch up and sit and talk. (these lunches would last hours... we have a lot to talk about!) About a year an a half ago, our friend Jen was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig disease). It was a shock to us all, but we knew she had been sick, so an official diagnosis was better than nothing. She seemed to progress slowly at the beginning, then had a health scare, and started to progress a lot faster. As a group of friends, we make it our priority to visit her every Wednesday. We go to the nursing home where she is staying, and hang out... and you guessed it... talk. Jennifer has a bright spirit and is an amazing woman. I am so blessed to even know her and be surrounded by her positivity. She isn't able to communicate verbally anymore, but we can see the happiness in her eyes when we come to visit. She laughs, cries, and loves. It is great to go every week because everyone gets to keep updated on little baby Edmonds. It is funny to see how big my belly is now compared to the day I told them. (That was a fun day--I just kind of sprung it on them.. hehe) So... when you see these pictures, you know where we are and why. Because Jen can't leave the nursing home, my friends all decided to have a SURPRISE baby shower for me in her room! How awesome! I got to have Jen there and was surrounded by my other friends as well. <3 I am blessed. 

I will recap the events through pictures. I look a hot mess... yikes. It was rather dark, so the pictures look a little crazy due to auto enhance on my computer. But, the moments were captured and that makes me happy.

Well... I caught Christine mid-sentence. (sorry) BUT, we played games! And.. of course, Jen won both games... classic. Way to go Jen! haha. 

Jen giving Christine her answer for baby wipes cost for BABY Price is Right!

With my main lady: Jen! <3
I tried and tried to get little baby Edmonds to kick while I held Jen's hand on my belly... no such luck. 

Blessed with presents!

Opening some from Khadine and Jennifer!

I am a poser.

Baby on Board sign... Currently labeling my belly! 

Opening gifts from Christine and Jen! Just wait until you see the amazing mittens for the hospital! To die for!

Cheese! Opening gifts from Susan and Jen! <3

I don't know what I would do without their love and support. 

I know that God has put people in my life for a reason. All of these woman support me at all times... especially when it comes to my teaching 'career'. I haven't had much luck with finding a job, but I know that there is a reason. Not sure what it is. They are still encouraging and loving through all of it. We have a great friendship and I am so glad that I seem them every week!


-Feel free to always include Jen in your prayers- 

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