Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Calm After the "Storm"

This week seemed to me to be jam packed. Looking back at my pictures, I don't think it was too crazy. Who knows. I could potentially be losing my mind.

The kids (and John) finally went back to school. The polar vortex was over! Whew! It was nice to decrease in size by two. The week went quickly and we made a few big changes. Stella had her baby bed replaced by her big girl bed! She loves it and is so proud. We figured we should get her used to it now and make sure she can transition before baby as to not make her mad at the baby for taking her 'bed'. Well.. no worries. She loves it! The first few days I made sure she fell asleep in the car, and then placed her in her toddler bed. Today... we laid in our bed and I patted her back until she was asleep. It only took 3 minutes!

All tuckered out... and it only took 3 minutes to fall asleep! :) 

I also worked on a few filing things that I needed. I created a filing system for all things "little baby Edmonds". I saw a pin on Pinterest, and I decided I should make one for organizational purposes. It has  19 sections that include (I made some changes and created different ones):
1. Birth Certificate/SS Card Information
2. Immunization Records
3. Other Health Records
4. Pediatrician Info and Visits
5. Mommy Doctor Information
6. Birth Plan
7. Insurance Information
8. Medical Consent Forms
9. Milestones
10. Hospital Information
11. Nursing/Feeding Information
12. Receipts/Warranties
13. Parenting Articles/Pamphlets
14. Manuals
15. Miscellaneous 
16. Mailing List
17. Keepsakes
18. Photographs/CDs
19. Emergency Numbers/Contacts List

Some of these are already in use. Some will be great for the hospital when we are inundated with random paperwork. Some will be helpful for a while after she is born. It was simple to put together. Just got a few cute folders and a file box. Decorated and started filling it up! I found a few resources online for immunization record sheet, tooth chart, birth plan, and I ended up making my own Milestone page. It was easier because I knew what I wanted. 
The Outside (I put a note on the bottom: "If Found please return to Alexis or John Edmonds and listed our address" Just in case. 

A view of the multiple folders. Notice some have already been stuffed!

Had to show you the pretty folders I found at Wal-Mart for $1 a pack! SCORE!

Worked on the birth plan today... I am not going to be a crazy woman/stickler to follow it to a T, but I would like to have it as a guideline. I know all births are different and I also know that the end result is my healthy baby girl. I am not one who is against medicine, but I want to make sure that I try my best to get to a certain point before medication. I know I am a sissy... so I am being realistic. haha. I will be sure to share my birth story when the time comes. I plan to write it all down shortly after baby's birth so I don't forget the details. (I will spare you any nasty/medically gory information!)

We did a lot more organizing in the nursery. I feel like the baby clothes are NEVER ending. We have been so blessed. But... the sizing is obnoxious. So, when we took the tubs of clothes that were not NB or 0-3 down to the basement to store, I found more bins that needed sorted and combined. BLAH! We knocked that out and took down the Christmas decorations in one swoop! 

The next task was the mobile. We had our good friend Jamie come over to help, again. I say again because a while ago I had her come over and I wasn't fully prepared for the mobile project, so we ended up sitting and talking. Who needs a mobile?! Well... another week we got the lanterns painted and John's parents came over. They helped hang the initial batch of lanterns. I then made some tissue paper balls to hang amidst the lanterns. Well.. they just didn't look good. Jamie and I tried and tried multiple ways to hang them, moving lanterns, puff balls, ugh. Super annoying. So... we were defeated once again by the lantern mobile. (It was worth a shot). So I got on Amazon and ordered another set of lanterns. They came in. I insisted they were painted immediately. That happened and we luckily had enough paint to finish them all. John and I took a different approach. We hung the plain lanterns until we liked it. Then, we stepped back and decided what lanterns should be what color. Then we numbered them. This seems a bit excessive... but let me tell you... it went so much smoother and made WAY more sense. We were on a mission! John took them to the garage, painted them, and then we waited. I was not patient. As soon as they dried... we hung them up! And.. they are PERFECT!!!! I am beyond excited! The gold/silver colored lanterns match a few things in her room as well as her name (still a secret) that will be right below the lanterns on the white ledge. We have the letters for her name, and they look AMAZING together. I am so excited to do a nursery tour! Here are a few pictures from the mobile events!
Before... (minus two puffs... because we couldn't manage)

Before painting.. with additional lanterns. 

The dogs are BEYOND annoyed with the mobile as well. They don't care to even partake. 

The process. Thank you John for painting! :) 

Finally COMPLETE!!!!!! Just imagine her name. It is amazing! :)

This is the baby's view according to John. hehe. He wanted to see what she would be staring at. 

Another thing I am doing for the nursery is decorating it for each month/holiday. I have an interchangeable "E" for our front door, but wanted to make sure her room was decorated too! So... I  have started and plan to have them organized in ziploc bags by month so they can be re-used every year. hehe. Here are the January decorations! 
Nursery Door Wreath (I have always wanted a wreath to decorate the door) with some crystal snowflakes! 
I made some yarn puff garland to hang on the mirror to celebrate the snow. :) 

Here are a few Instagram pictures that just made my week and I thought I should share:
She loves to read... It was adorable to watch her flip through the pages and say the same sentence for every page. Getting so BIG!

Adi stole a baby toy. It is officially hers. She takes it everywhere. To bed, to the living room, and she hasn't torn it to shreds. She is silly. That is the only one she gets. haha. 

This little one held her hand on my 'baby' the entire hour of watching Little Bear. It wasn't like she was feeling it move or anything. It is simply where her little hand landed and stayed. I can't wait to see how they react to each other! It is going to be amazing. 

I will do another post on the Baby Bucket List. Stay tuned. 


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