Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Want to be IN THE KNOW? (remind101)

Well... I started to make a call list of people I was going to call. Well it got to be kind of long and not helpful when the time really comes. So... I thought, why don't we use that online tool that teachers can use to inform parents (via text) to let people know about little baby Edmonds and her arrival.

So.. the website is

Here is what happens. We sign up, create a 'class'. Ours was named Baby Announcement!

Then, we are sent a phone number (to keep it private) and what we need to type in the message to be added to the subscriber list.

So, we sent out a text/message telling family and friends to join the list. So far, we have quite a few. I also put it on my facebook so any friends who want updates can sign up. It is an easy program to use and there is even an app. So, when I am in labor, John can send out a quick update and it will send to everyone who subscribes.

1. Anyone can join the subscription list (but I have the ability to delete people too)
2. It prevents the annoying group text that people continue to respond on and your phone gets about 75 text messages in about 2 minutes. Whew!
3. We can message everyone in one message and not have to create many different group texts on the iphone.
4. No one knows who is getting the updates. It is completely private.
5. Easy to use on the iPhone (which will help daddy out during contractions and labor)
6. IT IS FREE!!!

1. It is a bit of a technology gap for some of the older generation.
2. We can only hope that the people who were on our original list will subscribe.
3. You subscribe using a text. Some people don't text.
4. We won't be able to send out a picture. It is text only. But... we can always try to figure out a way to send out a link (maybe) that will send you to a picture. ((We are working on that now))

I am excited to use it! I think it will work great. If you want to be added to get updated, send me a text message or send me a private message on FB and I will send you the number and information to text. It is simple.

little baby Edmonds will be here soon enough! I look forward to sharing the day with everyone! <3


ps- I will try to update as well as John updating... no promises on frequency.

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