Thursday, February 27, 2014

Who Will She Look Like?

We are getting so close that I wanted to share a few pictures. #tbt are always fun.... so let's throw it back to when John and I were young! Who do you think she will look like?

-John- (who looks EXACTLY like his nephew Atherton in this picture)

Alexis (who I think looks like my dad in this picture)

-Little Baby Edmonds-

The Debate Is On! I always think I can tell who a baby looks like when they are born. I am so anxious to see who she looks like. Does she have hair? Is it red? Blue or Green eyes? Cheeks... well that is a given! haha. 

24 Hours Until GAME ON!

Well....I sit here in my house, annoyed by the dogs and their constant need to go outside, looking around and realizing that in 24 hours, life is forever changed. Yes. Yes. Yes. I have been pregnant for TEN months and then some, but it really isn't something that I am finding easy to wrap my head around. I am having a baby. I have felt her grow, kick, move, hiccup, etc. She is coming out! Into this world! Yikes! I am not scared, so to speak, just kind of in awe of the whole things. It is such a miracle in itself, and I don't think I have even given that enough thought. It is just so crazy to fathom.

Tomorrow we head in to start the induction process at 8pm. I don't know why at night... that is when they scheduled me. I am just a rule follower. I pray that the pains that I have been feeling have helped me dilate at LEAST some. I would prefer 2-3cm. (Doctor said that induction would be a lot smoother if I did have some progress)

I look around the house and see the mile long list of things that need cleaned. I decided I am going to spend some money from our tax return and hire someone to clean. I can clean... just don't want to and I know that when I come home to a clean house, I am going to be so pumped and happy I made this choice! The dogs are going to be in good company. Aunt Jamie is going to take care of them while we are at the hospital. I am glad she is so willing. They are used to her and love her and I think it will make the transition easier. John will come home one day and bring some baby smelling things for the pups to recognize. And, let them know that we still love them. (don't refer to the first line of this post-haha)

John has been super busy getting all of his teaching lesson plans in order, tests graded and recorded, parents emailed and long term sub caught up. I have been busy getting all the Children's Ministry stuff in order, house semi-decent clean, rest of the bag packed with the items we will use tomorrow, and still working. I haven't seemed to lose too much energy, but that could just be me on complete adrenaline.

Here are few pictures from the week before I head in to GIVE BIRTH!!!! I have tried to keep up my energy and keep up the work. Maybe I would dilate. haha.

Just hanging out with my girl. <3 Stella is super excited to rock and hold 'baby emmons'!

Pink Sparkle nails for Stella today!

Amazing place to play: Recreation Outlet (Powell, Ohio) It is a place that has all the swing sets and trampolines and outdoor basketball hoops for sale... but they let you come for $2.00 per kid to PLAY! It is fun to play on all the fun toys. Hudson was hard to catch a picture of. I challenged him to go down EVERY slide... that is 11 total. :) He did it. They did have time to cheese it up for one picture together. They do love to play together. Especially when their older siblings are in school! 

I forgot to write about this. I got this book one day at Costco this past week. I read it in two days (during nap time) and I got all the way to page 264 before I started to cry. It was a pretty good book. I predicted what would happen, but it was still a good read. Interested insight into childhood cancer. I recommend it as a quick read.. but have some tissues ready if you are at all sentimental. haha. 

As you go to bed tonight or tomorrow, please be sure to lift me, John and little baby Edmonds up in prayer. I can only control so many things in life. This is not one of them. God is in control. If you would like updated throughout the delivery, PLEASE text me as soon as possible so I can send you the directions to sign up for the Remind101. 

AND... to top it all off... with a reprieve from the snow for the past week and a half, there is a huge storm headed our way! I knew this baby would be born in the snow. Check out this post from the local weather station: 

Your Doppler 10 Forecast

This Evening: Partly cloudy skies.
Tonight: Clear to partly cloudy. Very cold. Low 2.
Tomorrow: Sunny and cold. High 27.
Saturday: Light wintry mix early. Warmer with a high of 44.
Special Information: 
Significant winter storm will hit Ohio this weekend.  Heavy snow is expected Sunday into Monday morning.  Snowfall amounts will likely exceed six inches across most of Ohio.  A band of heavier snow with totals approaching 10 inches is possible, but it is still too early to determine where that will fall.

I will try to post a picture of little baby Edmonds and her birth information as soon as possible. (but... please be patient with me as we bond as a new family)

It is time to meet this little lady! 


Wednesday, February 26, 2014


How far along: 40 Weeks

Total weight gain: 27 lbs thus far!

Maternity clothes: I am now on to the debate.. what do I wear to the hospital... haha. 

Stretch marks: It was a sad day this week. I found my FIRST stretch mark on my belly. It isn't big, but I was so close!! 

Sleep: Sleep is not terrible. I slept great last night! I just need to take my prenatal, tylenol, and zantac before I get in bed. 
Best moment of this week: Successful 28th birthday and knowing that baby is still healthy and we are going to meet her soon!!!

Miss anything: Being able to tie my shoes. It is just painful. 

Movement: Little movements. She has definitely slowed down. When I start to panic about it, she gets the hiccups to reassure me. haha. 
Food cravings: Food. I did have TWINKIES (my favorite) for the first time in pregnancy this week. I am proud I held off, but man are they delicious!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Heartburn/Acid Reflux and I did gag on my toothbrush. 
Have you started to show yet: Yes. The belly is here. No one believes me when I say TODAY is my due date! haha.

Gender: Little Lady! <3
Labor signs: I have noticed a few tightening pains, hopeful that they are able to help me dilate a few cm before Friday to make the induction go smoother. 
Belly button in or out: Still in. But, the stretch mark has arrived. :(
Wedding rings on or off: Still on. 

Happy or moody most of the time: I am pretty neutral. The fear of birth and the excitement kind of cancel each other out. I am happy that the end is in sight and I get to meet her so soon. 
Looking forward to: Little baby Edmonds' BIRTHDAY!!!!! :) 

Birthday Week and Baby's Last Week to 'Cook'

Well, I was rudely woken up on my birthday at 1am to the tornado sirens and a scary text to take shelter. So... off we went. All of us to the basement. We weren't supposed to get out of the 'basement' until 1:30am. I was tired.
Adi made great use of the couches we have hoarded in our basement. 

So did daddy and Aspen. -notice the empty dog bed...*

Happy Birthday? So... I was anxious for the next day for being tired. I surprisingly wasn't! I got to enjoy a delicious birthday lunch at Benihana (my favorite) with Karmon, Jamie, Stella and Hudson! I even got to take a half day off. So I walked a bit around Polaris Mall hoping that I didn't induce labor by walking. I did NOT want to have this baby on my birthday or the weekend. I walked slowly. haha. I love to look at baby clothes, but I refrain from buying until she is here because I have no idea how big she is going to be at Easter. (I did find a potential outfit... and I hope that it is on sale by Easter!) H&M has amazing little baby clothes for a great price. They had some baby bows too that I took advantage of. The scarf bibs are by far my favorite!
Stella ready to help me celebrate my birthday at Benihana! <3

My H&M loot! The baby hats are different, so I am curious to see how they will look. But seriously.. the scarf bibs... too much!! 

*While walking around the mall, I had plans to get my eyebrows threaded so I didn't have to figure out how to pluck mine while still being able to see the mirror (without my glasses). I was walking, and felt a little wet. SERIOUSLY? I was not necessarily panicked, but I did go check. I just left from the bathroom, called John, headed home and changed my underwear. I kept close watch to see if it continued. Nope. Dry. So... I obviously peed my pants. (ashamed to say, but true) So... the weekend I played it safe to keep her in (because my doc wasn't on call). 

40 weeks. That is a long time! I am proud I made it this far. Baby has had the right amount of time to develop. Check out this picture of Stella photobombing my weekly belly picture. She is so sweet and loves baby already! She said, "Baby picture". After so many weeks, she knows the drill. haha. 

I had my LAST doctor's appointment on Tuesday. I was hopeful for some dilation and a possible membrane sweep. Well, I didn't progress or dilate. I am thin and baby is low. So the doctor and I talked about potential days for induction. She said next week. hmmmm... I said, what about Friday (she had mentioned that last week). She said, " Oh yea! We can do that. I work all weekend!" So there you have it folks, Friday, I will be going to the hospital at 8pm and hopefully little baby Edmonds will join us on Saturday.

So... today I have been doing my research on inductions. All I have read are horror stories. I have heard positive experiences from friends and family. I am hoping to deliver vaginally. I think that it is possible. The doctor and I are positive. So we are going to work hard!

I am excited to have it kind of scheduled so I can ensure that I have my life pulled together as much as I can before then. :)  I may be a planner... 

March baby... who would have thought. 

I will keep you updated and I hope to post a sweet picture of our little girl on the blog when I get a chance. 

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I take on the journey of birth and becoming a mom. 


Friday, February 21, 2014

DIY Growth Chart: good. bad. ugly.

Well I found many different versions of growth charts online and I decided I would make my own. It can't be that hard... right? WRONG!

The first steps are pretty easy.
1. Gather Materials
     -piece of wood
     -stain of choice
     -paintbrush or rag
     -tape measure
     -marker or paint (you decide after you see pictures)
2. Using the stain and rag, just rub down the wood. It is so simple. The longer you leave it on, the darker the stain will be. I just rubbed it on, let it sit for about 2 minutes, then wiped off the excess.
3. Let it dry.
4. Make your marks. *Remember to measure where you are going to hang it from the floor.* Ours will be 4 inches off the ground, so I had to start after that.
5. Decide on how big the lines will be. I did a pattern of short, short, medium. Then on the FOOT marks, I did long. (I used pencil and a paint stirrer to keep the correct lengths.)
6. Decide how you will decorate.
7. Add numbers.
8. Hang up on the wall.
9. Start the tradition of measuring! :) *I hope to get a picture of little baby Edmonds on/beside the growth chart in her newborn session.*

Here are the pictures. Don't be nervous at all.. It was REALLY simple! It would make a great baby shower gift too!

1x6 Maple Piece (got at Home Depot)
After the stain application

Tools of the Trade

The color of Choice (from Home Depot)

First option: Paint Pen-White (Home Depot)

The Measuring began. This is my paint stick with the length of the 'lines' marked. 

Marked up. Let's Paint Pen!

Drew my numbers, used the paint pen. It didn't work. I was rather frustrated. So... I moved on. 

Found some paint to paint the numbers and lines. 

The numbers turned out pretty good. It was a cool font I found on Pinterest that I just practiced and copied. It took a lot of coats of paint to cover the white paint from the pen. 

So..I moved to the lines. Used a small paintbrush and this was my result. NO!!!!! I was so sad. I wanted thin, clean lines. not this! So... I went to bed. I will fix it on the other side. 

So, I stained the back of the board, re-drew the lines, used a thin black Sharpie. I then bought numbers at Ace Hardware (so much easier for 0.79). I then went over the lines with a fine tip of a regular Sharpie. I practiced on the back first! (they needed to be a bit thicker because the numbers are thick)

Close-up of the finished lines and numbers. 

In the space. It isn't hung yet... but I am debating if I want to wait until AFTER her newborn photo session. It may just lean for a while. :) 

I recommend making it! It was easy and I am excited that I am going to be able to measure her throughout the years and take it with me if we ever move. 

Happy Crafting!


The Week of 'Love'

Well... Valentine's Day has come and gone. It was a crazy week. Stella was full of meltdowns. And when I say meltdowns, I videoed them to prove that I wasn't crazy. HOT MESS. I will save you the ear shattering pain... here is the "after I screamed for no reason for 25 minutes" picture.
We matched that day. :) She barely fits on the couch with this belly!

After waking up after about 15 minutes, we decided to have lunch. Stella wanted ravioli, so that is what it was. Then... as I was warming up my lunch (back turned) her tray fell off her high chair resulting in a shattered bowl and a ravioli mess. Yeesh. The day was not in my favor. So... here I am 38 weeks preggo on my hands and knees trying to get little shards of glass cleaned up. It took a while, but I got it done! haha. 

-that bowl didn't stand a chance-

I decided to go get my toes done for the upcoming baby arrival. I didn't want to go too early for fear of them putting me in labor. The guy doing the pedi chose the color. I wanted pink for little baby Edmonds. The color is "Pinking of You". Appropriate. As I was getting my toes done, I was getting a lot of stares. Finally, one lady asked how long I had left. She was shocked when I told her 14 days. (that seems to be the common reaction-disbelief) I am not offended. It means I am on the right track and looking not that preggo. I mentally tell myself to pull it together. I try not to waddle, try to look semi-decent, and I keep doing what I want to do. It seems to have been paying off. 

My toes are a bit swollen in this picture. Little Sausages. haha. 

Friday, the kids didn't have school. So.. I decided to take them bowling. We went to Star Lanes at Polaris and it was so nice! Getting the lanes was a bit of a hassle, but we ate at the restaurant, and then some friends from church joined us! I had been prepping Stella all week about bowling. She would say, "Roll the ball... HIT THE PINS!" It was adorable to watch them all bowling. Here are a few pics from the adventure. ((Word to the wise, if you have a toddler, get the ramp thing that they can roll the ball down to prevent balls from stopping mid-lane. We found it by the bathrooms at the 7th frame... blah!)) It was great when we got it though!

Whole lot going on here! haha. I say SMILE for John... this is what I get!

Baby bowling shoes! <3

Just some cuties waiting to bowl. :) 
That night for Valentine's Day, John decided we should make some pizzas that I can eat (and not get heartburn) in the shape of a heart. We made a BBQ Chicken pizza and a white pizza. The BBQ was way better and it is going to become a staple in our house! Delicious and so easy!

They are hearts... haha. John said, "Are you blogging this?" YUP!

Cooking it up for this momma! (dogs are creeping)

We made some brownies and decided to add some Reese PB Eggs. Should probably be illegal!

This is our FIRST official Valentine's day in 2006! Wow. So much love. <3

My days are spent "window shopping" on the internet. I don't want to induce labor by walking too much! Trust me. I find so many things that I want for little baby Edmonds. I have been DREAMING of a pair of gold moccasins for her to come home in, but I missed a great sale this week (not my fault) and have given up. But.. look at this GEM! I have been looking and looking for baptism/dedication dresses for our little lady. I want to get one made out of my wedding dress.. I need to find a pattern like this then talk grandma Carol into making it! haha. 

We figured out the wireless function on our camera. So... John was playing and look at these cute puppy pictures!

-Adi Rose-

Just me hanging with our *first*girl, Aspen Noel. <3

I am so proud of Liberty Hill Church and their dedication to our service project. We raised $56 to send to Ester in Tanzania. These girls were so proud of their success. I will keep you updated on the upcoming project (in April). 

My nightly routine after work is to come home, take care of dogs, and relax and watch the Olympics. This night I decided I needed a snack. Popcorn it was. Adi was relentless and just stood there, waiting... and waiting... and waiting. She never got any. (she has annoying food allergies, just an FYI) 

Happy Birthday to Little Baby Edmonds' PAPA! (My dad) He is 60! I sent him a fun gift from Hickory Farms... It has still yet to arrive. I was actually on top of it.

DOCTOR UPDATE: I went to the doctor on Tuesday (Feb. 18th-My dad's birthday) Here are the updates:
1. They were surprised to see me. (thought I was one of the two women who delivered over the weekend)
2. Doc said I am open, but not even dilated a full centimeter. 
3. Hoping that I am dilated 1-2 next week (Feb. 25th) and she will sweep my membranes... hopefully naturally inducing labor. 
4. We will talk about medicine induction possibly by the end of next week. 
5. Maybe a March baby? :) 
6. My goal is to make it through my birthday without giving birth. Then I found out, my doc isn't on call this weekend... That does NOT fly with me. So... the goal is to make it until Monday. That means she would be delivering little baby Edmonds and she is on call that following weekend.. so that gives me a TWELVE day window of opportunity. I really want her to deliver. *I haven't even met any of the other doctors*
7. Doctor's goal is a vaginal delivery. Knowing the size of the baby, we may need to induce... but she would prefer not to because it usually ends in a C-section. 

So.. when you say your prayers, please pray for little baby Edmonds to keep it together until February 24th. I appreciate it.