Thursday, February 27, 2014

24 Hours Until GAME ON!

Well....I sit here in my house, annoyed by the dogs and their constant need to go outside, looking around and realizing that in 24 hours, life is forever changed. Yes. Yes. Yes. I have been pregnant for TEN months and then some, but it really isn't something that I am finding easy to wrap my head around. I am having a baby. I have felt her grow, kick, move, hiccup, etc. She is coming out! Into this world! Yikes! I am not scared, so to speak, just kind of in awe of the whole things. It is such a miracle in itself, and I don't think I have even given that enough thought. It is just so crazy to fathom.

Tomorrow we head in to start the induction process at 8pm. I don't know why at night... that is when they scheduled me. I am just a rule follower. I pray that the pains that I have been feeling have helped me dilate at LEAST some. I would prefer 2-3cm. (Doctor said that induction would be a lot smoother if I did have some progress)

I look around the house and see the mile long list of things that need cleaned. I decided I am going to spend some money from our tax return and hire someone to clean. I can clean... just don't want to and I know that when I come home to a clean house, I am going to be so pumped and happy I made this choice! The dogs are going to be in good company. Aunt Jamie is going to take care of them while we are at the hospital. I am glad she is so willing. They are used to her and love her and I think it will make the transition easier. John will come home one day and bring some baby smelling things for the pups to recognize. And, let them know that we still love them. (don't refer to the first line of this post-haha)

John has been super busy getting all of his teaching lesson plans in order, tests graded and recorded, parents emailed and long term sub caught up. I have been busy getting all the Children's Ministry stuff in order, house semi-decent clean, rest of the bag packed with the items we will use tomorrow, and still working. I haven't seemed to lose too much energy, but that could just be me on complete adrenaline.

Here are few pictures from the week before I head in to GIVE BIRTH!!!! I have tried to keep up my energy and keep up the work. Maybe I would dilate. haha.

Just hanging out with my girl. <3 Stella is super excited to rock and hold 'baby emmons'!

Pink Sparkle nails for Stella today!

Amazing place to play: Recreation Outlet (Powell, Ohio) It is a place that has all the swing sets and trampolines and outdoor basketball hoops for sale... but they let you come for $2.00 per kid to PLAY! It is fun to play on all the fun toys. Hudson was hard to catch a picture of. I challenged him to go down EVERY slide... that is 11 total. :) He did it. They did have time to cheese it up for one picture together. They do love to play together. Especially when their older siblings are in school! 

I forgot to write about this. I got this book one day at Costco this past week. I read it in two days (during nap time) and I got all the way to page 264 before I started to cry. It was a pretty good book. I predicted what would happen, but it was still a good read. Interested insight into childhood cancer. I recommend it as a quick read.. but have some tissues ready if you are at all sentimental. haha. 

As you go to bed tonight or tomorrow, please be sure to lift me, John and little baby Edmonds up in prayer. I can only control so many things in life. This is not one of them. God is in control. If you would like updated throughout the delivery, PLEASE text me as soon as possible so I can send you the directions to sign up for the Remind101. 

AND... to top it all off... with a reprieve from the snow for the past week and a half, there is a huge storm headed our way! I knew this baby would be born in the snow. Check out this post from the local weather station: 

Your Doppler 10 Forecast

This Evening: Partly cloudy skies.
Tonight: Clear to partly cloudy. Very cold. Low 2.
Tomorrow: Sunny and cold. High 27.
Saturday: Light wintry mix early. Warmer with a high of 44.
Special Information: 
Significant winter storm will hit Ohio this weekend.  Heavy snow is expected Sunday into Monday morning.  Snowfall amounts will likely exceed six inches across most of Ohio.  A band of heavier snow with totals approaching 10 inches is possible, but it is still too early to determine where that will fall.

I will try to post a picture of little baby Edmonds and her birth information as soon as possible. (but... please be patient with me as we bond as a new family)

It is time to meet this little lady! 


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