Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Birthday Week and Baby's Last Week to 'Cook'

Well, I was rudely woken up on my birthday at 1am to the tornado sirens and a scary text to take shelter. So... off we went. All of us to the basement. We weren't supposed to get out of the 'basement' until 1:30am. I was tired.
Adi made great use of the couches we have hoarded in our basement. 

So did daddy and Aspen. -notice the empty dog bed...*

Happy Birthday? So... I was anxious for the next day for being tired. I surprisingly wasn't! I got to enjoy a delicious birthday lunch at Benihana (my favorite) with Karmon, Jamie, Stella and Hudson! I even got to take a half day off. So I walked a bit around Polaris Mall hoping that I didn't induce labor by walking. I did NOT want to have this baby on my birthday or the weekend. I walked slowly. haha. I love to look at baby clothes, but I refrain from buying until she is here because I have no idea how big she is going to be at Easter. (I did find a potential outfit... and I hope that it is on sale by Easter!) H&M has amazing little baby clothes for a great price. They had some baby bows too that I took advantage of. The scarf bibs are by far my favorite!
Stella ready to help me celebrate my birthday at Benihana! <3

My H&M loot! The baby hats are different, so I am curious to see how they will look. But seriously.. the scarf bibs... too much!! 

*While walking around the mall, I had plans to get my eyebrows threaded so I didn't have to figure out how to pluck mine while still being able to see the mirror (without my glasses). I was walking, and felt a little wet. SERIOUSLY? I was not necessarily panicked, but I did go check. I just left from the bathroom, called John, headed home and changed my underwear. I kept close watch to see if it continued. Nope. Dry. So... I obviously peed my pants. (ashamed to say, but true) So... the weekend I played it safe to keep her in (because my doc wasn't on call). 

40 weeks. That is a long time! I am proud I made it this far. Baby has had the right amount of time to develop. Check out this picture of Stella photobombing my weekly belly picture. She is so sweet and loves baby already! She said, "Baby picture". After so many weeks, she knows the drill. haha. 

I had my LAST doctor's appointment on Tuesday. I was hopeful for some dilation and a possible membrane sweep. Well, I didn't progress or dilate. I am thin and baby is low. So the doctor and I talked about potential days for induction. She said next week. hmmmm... I said, what about Friday (she had mentioned that last week). She said, " Oh yea! We can do that. I work all weekend!" So there you have it folks, Friday, I will be going to the hospital at 8pm and hopefully little baby Edmonds will join us on Saturday.

So... today I have been doing my research on inductions. All I have read are horror stories. I have heard positive experiences from friends and family. I am hoping to deliver vaginally. I think that it is possible. The doctor and I are positive. So we are going to work hard!

I am excited to have it kind of scheduled so I can ensure that I have my life pulled together as much as I can before then. :)  I may be a planner... 

March baby... who would have thought. 

I will keep you updated and I hope to post a sweet picture of our little girl on the blog when I get a chance. 

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I take on the journey of birth and becoming a mom. 


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