Friday, February 21, 2014

DIY Growth Chart: good. bad. ugly.

Well I found many different versions of growth charts online and I decided I would make my own. It can't be that hard... right? WRONG!

The first steps are pretty easy.
1. Gather Materials
     -piece of wood
     -stain of choice
     -paintbrush or rag
     -tape measure
     -marker or paint (you decide after you see pictures)
2. Using the stain and rag, just rub down the wood. It is so simple. The longer you leave it on, the darker the stain will be. I just rubbed it on, let it sit for about 2 minutes, then wiped off the excess.
3. Let it dry.
4. Make your marks. *Remember to measure where you are going to hang it from the floor.* Ours will be 4 inches off the ground, so I had to start after that.
5. Decide on how big the lines will be. I did a pattern of short, short, medium. Then on the FOOT marks, I did long. (I used pencil and a paint stirrer to keep the correct lengths.)
6. Decide how you will decorate.
7. Add numbers.
8. Hang up on the wall.
9. Start the tradition of measuring! :) *I hope to get a picture of little baby Edmonds on/beside the growth chart in her newborn session.*

Here are the pictures. Don't be nervous at all.. It was REALLY simple! It would make a great baby shower gift too!

1x6 Maple Piece (got at Home Depot)
After the stain application

Tools of the Trade

The color of Choice (from Home Depot)

First option: Paint Pen-White (Home Depot)

The Measuring began. This is my paint stick with the length of the 'lines' marked. 

Marked up. Let's Paint Pen!

Drew my numbers, used the paint pen. It didn't work. I was rather frustrated. So... I moved on. 

Found some paint to paint the numbers and lines. 

The numbers turned out pretty good. It was a cool font I found on Pinterest that I just practiced and copied. It took a lot of coats of paint to cover the white paint from the pen. 

So..I moved to the lines. Used a small paintbrush and this was my result. NO!!!!! I was so sad. I wanted thin, clean lines. not this! So... I went to bed. I will fix it on the other side. 

So, I stained the back of the board, re-drew the lines, used a thin black Sharpie. I then bought numbers at Ace Hardware (so much easier for 0.79). I then went over the lines with a fine tip of a regular Sharpie. I practiced on the back first! (they needed to be a bit thicker because the numbers are thick)

Close-up of the finished lines and numbers. 

In the space. It isn't hung yet... but I am debating if I want to wait until AFTER her newborn photo session. It may just lean for a while. :) 

I recommend making it! It was easy and I am excited that I am going to be able to measure her throughout the years and take it with me if we ever move. 

Happy Crafting!


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