Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How Do You Fold Baby Leggings?

How do you fold baby clothes in general? They are so small at this point and impossible to either fold or keep folded. After sorting through all little baby Edmonds' hand me downs (that would be TUBS and TUBS to take into account) we had it sorted and washed. Then... came the decision of how to sort it in her room. I wanted to keep it pretty simple, but also accessible when necessary.

Disclosure: I may have been a BIT overwhelmed on many occasions trying to figure it out. John too. It was a bit hectic at times. What are the sizes... NB, 0-3, 3-6, etc. But.. where do you put the stupid Carter brand clothes that are only labeled 3m or 6m... we had many discussions. We decided that they would go with the higher number. So 3m go with the 0-3 month clothes. It annoyed my brain at times.

So.. we sorted and then I got to the baby pants drawer. Seriously? Baby pants are not meant to be folded. If I fold them.. I don't know how to arrange them. If I don't fold them, they are just in a stack. (see pictures) I decided to turn to Pinterest for ideas. Nothing really seemed to stick out as effective for us. Then I decided that most of these onesies had pants to match. (It was a running joke when we were sorting, John would hold something up and I would always say "That has a matching shirt/pants" EVERY time. He would get so mad!) So... I decided to go through all the onesies and pants of the same size (started with NB and 0-3) and make the matches. Then... It was time to buy hangers. I hung the onesies or shirts or tops and then hung the bottoms with it. THEN!!!! I found amazing hanger clips at Wal-Mart! The clips snapped onto the hangers, and then I could clip the pants to the shirts. This makes it an easy "grab-and-go" outfit. This means that a majority of her clothes are hung up, but I still have a ton of onesies that I will use under outfits for warmth or just hanging out around the house. I sorted them by long and short sleeve. I had random pants left over too. Still no great solution on how to store those, so they are just laying on top of each other in a drawer. So be it.
Newborn Side (you can see the basket shelves to the left), extra hangers, basket hamper below, and newborn clothes hanging top and bottom. 

This is the 0-3 side of clothes. She is going to be clothed.. for sure!

The AMAZING clips!! Woo Hoo!!

As for the top drawers of the dresser/changing table I made my own dividers using foam board. That way I could cut them to the length that I wanted and make as many divisions as possible. I may resort to the IKEA box things but I am not patient to wait for mail. I was on a mission and I accomplished it. The rest of the dresser has sleepers, sleep sacks, gowns, onesies, and pants. I wanted them all to be pretty accessible when changing her, especially before bedtime.
The drawer LINE-UP!

Front: Socks and Mittens and Tights     Back: Hats

Extra linens, waterproof pads, hand sanitizer, and random hooks (not their place... haha)


Diaper Drawer (I only have NB size in there, and they are only ones that friends had from open packages... with this baby already weighing a good amount... we may not even use these?!)

Second Drawer (on right) has sleepers. Front row is NB and back row is 0-3. 

Second Drawer (on left) has long sleeve and short sleeve onesies. They are organized by NB and 0-3 as well. 
The annoying pants drawer. It is what it is! haha. (Bottom Left)

Bottom Right Drawer: Swaddle Sacs, Sleeping Gowns, and Burp Cloths in the back. 

The closet is from The Container Store (it is Elfa) and it was quite the task getting the right layout and dimensions we wanted. We had one designed, it didn't work, so we had to take it all back down and take it back across town to re-design and buy. It is definitely worth it! I love how it turned out and I am glad that it is in two "sections" to help me differentiate between sizes. The little shelf baskets are AMAZING! They were going to just be shelves, but we decided to make them the baskets and we love them. We have just been putting random items in them for now. The bottom has blankets, the next has blankets, the next has our Ergo and random stuff, another has shopping cart covers, etc. It isn't super organized, but I am sure I will get it to a point of organization sometime. There is a drawer set that we have to go on the other side of the hamper (from The Container Store) that currently is holding headbands that I haven't put in her hairbow caddy thing and shoes. The girl has SHOES! The bottom drawers I plan to fill with toys that we can take the drawer from place to place and always put it back into storage. There is a space to the right that we currently have filled with generous gifts of diapers! I am sure I will be sad when it is depleted.
This is the sweet hamper and a few of her hairbows. I got this at Marshalls and I just clip them onto the pockets. The headbands are stuck down in the pockets. I have a lot more to add... 

Top Drawer holding the bows I haven't put away and clips for the hangers. It is a really shallow drawer, maybe two inches deep. 

Drawer two is FULL of shoes....

So is drawer Three! Jam packed. :)

I hope that this saves anyone setting up a nursery some sanity on how to organize the clothes. I definitely got made fun of for the labeling... but to be honest... it will keep me sane and if I am not the one putting the clothes away, others will know where things go. I am a pretty big stickler for keeping my clothes (and John's clothes) organized and in the right drawers. Just makes life easier. I hope I can keep all these little tiny clothes just as organized. 

One thing I have left to add to the closet is a small box or crate that I can put "Too Small" clothes in, so when I get a chance, I can move them back to the tubs that we have all the clothes stored in, in the basement. I may use a small basket shelf, or a drawer from the wire stack drawers. 

All her clothes are ready... now... will they fit? I hope I can squeeze her into SOME newborn clothes. I have too many cute ones!


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  1. Leggings - I fold them into half and roll them up (like cinnamon buns)....then I put them into small boxes in the drawer.....