Sunday, February 16, 2014

Let The Countdown BEGIN! (10 Days to Go!)

Well... I haven't been feeling the greatest these past couple of days. I have had headaches, hip pain, and the newest... EXTREMELY DRY nasal passages. I have had a stuffy nose for most of the pregnancy, but this recent dry nose is awful. The only way I can describe it is that it feels like when you have pop come through your nose. That burning is not a way I want to spend my night.  We have a humidifier but I think I may need to resort to some saline or a steamy shower to get some relief.

Another thing that is currently on my mind is that I AM HAVING A CHILD in about 10 days. It seems so surreal. I am so excited, terrified, nervous, anxious, tired, ready, and happy. John and I have been getting things done around the house... but I really hate doing laundry. I mean... who does like it. But it just seems like once I get it all done, two minutes later, it needs done AGAIN! blah. I can only imagine the amount of small, pink clothes that I am going to be washing. I can't complain too much because John is SO helpful and washes the clothes too.

I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday. I will update everyone then. Until then, we watch the Olympics and wait. and wait. and wait.

My birthday is Friday... and I am truly terrified I will go into labor. I DO NOT want to have her on my birthday. She is technically due on February 26th. We have high hopes for February 27th. (My favorite number is /2/ and John's favorite number /27/) Not sure if we will make it that long, but with no current progress, we just might.

Until next time... (Tuesday)


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