Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rounding Out the Week "Off"

Well, the snow has continued and I am officially over it. I mean... I know we are supposed to get even more. I like the snow when I am not pregnant. All I do is constantly worry about falling on my rear and not being able to get back up. (I know what I look like when I am just trying to ROLL over...) I had a few tasks to complete at the Dorsey's while they were away and I got to business on the Valentines. I found the ideas on Pinterest, and then made them myself using Powerpoint. I always make things myself... cuts on cost and I can always add my own flair.

Kindergarten: Hudson (he LOVES tic-tac-toe!)
So much fun!
Fourth Grade: Mason
-Doritos Single Pack-
Second Grade: Kennedy

Cookies and a Twisty Straw! <3
I think they turned out great! Not boring Valentines this year! If you want a copy of any of these with your child's name, let me know and I can send them your way for you to print. 

The chickens all survived the cruise, so did the cats. John helped me strip all the beds and wash and re-make them. Well... we had a random sheet that BARELY fit Hudson's bed left over... We couldn't figure it out. That is when we realized we are starting to lose our patience. We were both so irritable. It was not a pretty sight. We decided to go home, take a nap, and then get ready for our friends to come over. 

Before Adam and Michelle came over (twin free this time) for dinner, we finished up the nook area by painting the one wall that we initially decided not to paint. It is SO much better. While we were painting, we were using the bathroom sink. Much to our surprise, the light didn't work. This can only mean one thing... when we put the dimmer switch in... we really screwed it up. We left it alone, and waited for guidance on the issue. If you turned on the nursery switch (that didn't dim at all) the bathroom light and fan would come on. That could make for awkward trips to the bathroom at night after little baby Edmonds arrives. haha. We cleaned up a bit and Adam and Michelle were here with the  Olive Garden in hand. Yum! I have been steering clear of red sauce (due to acid reflux issues) but I gave in for the Lasagna Fritta! (you need to try it if you go.. it is an appetizer, but could be a meal!) We got to sit and talk and I helped Michelle figure out her iPhone. It was so nice to just relax with friends and have good conversation before little lady makes her debut! 

Sunday: THEY'RE BACK!!!! After church we headed to the Dorsey's to check in, have some lunch, and hear all about the trip! Some highlights include: swimming with dolphins, meeting the characters, unlimited soft serve ice cream on the ship, the turtle farm, the beach, and the water slides. They had so much fun. I want to go on a cruise so much more now! Especially a Disney cruise. I should start saving now... hehe. We relaxed when we got home, I started the growth chart and John worked on school work. As we were watching the Sochi Olympics (John fell asleep) and I started having a minor panic attack about the fact that a BABY is coming out of me (one way or another). I have never really stayed in the hospital (that I remember) and I am not one for not being prepared. I am fully aware of what happens when you give birth. I know that potential for interventions, etc. I have educated myself. But I am just finding it hard to wrap my head around the fact that I have a baby in my stomach AND she is coming out! Yeesh. I did some relaxation research and was able to pull it together. Yikes! I am ok now. But I was really struggling with the whole concept. I guess you have to deal with it at least once in your pregnancy... 15 days people... 15 days!

Monday. Monday. Monday. All was going so well. We got to the store and got all the shopping done for more cleaning supplies, we got lunch, got to go to the office and see Karmon and Jamie for a few minutes, and then it happened. Barf. After a plane ride, bus ride, cruise for days, I drive Stella home, we make it 7 miles from home and BARF! The kid gets so car sick. I feel awful. To the person cleaning up the vomit in the random pull off by Menards, sorry. The kid was covered. Vomit gives me anxiety. I have mentioned before that it never did until I got pregnant. It is just disturbing now. I hope that goes away when this baby comes. (and I am not talking about baby vomit... Stella has full on kid vomit). But.. other than that, this day has gone exceptionally well! She was so excited to talk and talk and talk about the cruise and her doll, etc. She is becoming quite the chatty cathy. How funny to hear her just keep talking. She also wanted a BIG girl pony tail. Check it out! (Cinderella Shoes and all)

Today I had my doctor's appointment. I decided to have her do a cervical check to see if I have progressed at all. Here are the updates from the visit:

-NO CHANGE! :( I am not dilated or effaced at all. 
-She is still VERY low. 
-Being checked was not comfortable (at all). 
-Doctor hoping for a vaginal delivery and is VERY confident. (me her and baby she said!)
-Baby's foot CAN NOT get stuck in my rib... even though it still feels like it. 

So, we are still on little baby Edmonds watch. I will be sure to keep everyone updated. 


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