Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Weekly Doctor Appointments Have Begun

I have officially started my weekly doctor appointments. Wowzers. It has come quickly!

Here is the update from my appointment on Tuesday:

-baby sounds great
-still no contractions, but call if I start getting them.
-gained one pound= 25 lbs. total. Doctor is so proud!
-baby kicked the doctor while she was listening to the heartbeat (fiesty! redhead?)
-officially full term
-Dr. said she doesn't have any babies due this week... and she tends to have one go into labor during a snow storm... (knowing our luck with snow, I told her it could potentially be us!)
-Dr. said she is good at driving in the snow. Whew!
-I did not have her check my cervix... I am waiting. I don't want to induce labor just yet... 

Here is a video of the heartbeat/kickboxing match. It isn't very clear or long. But I thought I should get another video. 

(check out that belly-hehe)

Full of February Love! <3 


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