Thursday, March 6, 2014

Breastfeeding...Fake Nipple?

I am not one who was GUNG-HO on breastfeeding. I am going to be honest... it is still strange to me. But, I know that it is what is best for Hollis, so I told myself and John that we would try. I also knew, going into this whole process, that I had strange nipples. I vaguely remember being told when I was younger that they were inverted. So... I knew that it may not work. I always said I would pump and give it to her if necessary. Judge me if you want. I just think that the whole process is weird. I just feel like an animal. Yes... I know. I am technically an animal. But I do have a thumb! Everyone talks about the bond, etc. Eh. I dunno. I love to hold her. So, I get to. Every 2-3 hours. I also like to sleep. So I was a bit nervous about how our nights would go. I need sleep. So, waking up so often could be disastrous.

Moving on...

So, at the hospital, Hollis was doing pretty good nursing. She was sleeping well and I thought we were being somewhat successful. She wasn't doing well on one side, so I did have a lactation consultant come in just to talk to her. She watched me feed Hollis and revealed that I have FLAT nipples and there is nothing for her to 'grab' onto, so to speak. Interesting. She handed me a nipple shield that in essence is a prosthetic nipple (my interpretation). She said to try that next feeding. She also said I should try to pump before every feeding to "bring my nipples out". John and I were officially in over our heads. We both looked at each other and said, that sounds like it would be a waste of time/silly. If I am going to pump, I could just give her the bottle. I am not too keen on the whole thing anyway... etc. So we kind of gave Hollis an ultimatum. Either, you eat with the shield or you get a bottle. haha. Great parenting, we know! I have just seen/heard of so many mothers that are caught up on the breastfeeding and get discouraged, unhappy, frustrated. I see the importance, yes, but I also know the importance of my mental state. So.. I wasn't going to let myself get worked up about it. It is what it is. I technically am not 'formed' the right way.

I digress...

So, that next feeding, Hollis got the memo. She latched on and ate for 20 minutes! This has since only happened a few times. She has been a great eater. It is an extra step, a bit of dishes at the end of the day, but it works. My newest challenge is keeping the shield ON! Hollis can get a little handsy and just yank them off.

So far, our feeding has been a success. Hollis was four ounces away from birth weight after just a few days after leaving the hospital. They did warn me my milk would come in and she would cluster feed. That would be the first night home. Every hour, on the hour, someone was hungry! She makes the funniest sounds when she eats. She definitely gets that from her dad! When he and his brother eat, they make sounds. Just an Edmonds' thing I suppose.

Currently, Hollis eats about every two hours during the day. Sometimes hourly. Then, at night, she is my favorite! She sleeps from about 10pm-3:30am, eats (barely awake) for about 7 minutes, then drifts back to sleep until I wake her up to get ready to go to work. Amazing! She rocks! She knows mommy needs her sleep.

We noticed Hollis doing this weird gagging/regurgitating thing. We brought it up at her appointments and were told to keep an eye on it. We did... and we realized that our 2-3 hour battle of getting her to fall asleep every night was caused by this gagging. She would be asleep, gag, and then SCREAM! I mean... the scream that makes you put your baby down in the swing and walk away. We have been back to the doctor and she was given Zantac. I see some success already. I am hoping it helps because NO ONE wants to see their child in pain. It was hard to watch.
--I have researched and one potential reason is because she eats too fast! I have an oversupply of milk. It is a blessing and a curse. They tell me not to pump because then my body thinks I need more milk. Curse. My daughter gags while feeding at least once a session. Curse. I have enough milk that I could pump and continue to feed but have a bottle backup. Blessing. My boobs are huge and look like they are implants. Curse/Blessing?

Since this whole post is about boobs, I will let you go with a sweet picture of my girl. <3
Milk Coma and Milk Mustache :)

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