Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hollis is a STAR!

As I left off, we had a lot of visitors on the first day. We are so blessed to have amazing family and friends. I was so happy to see them after she was born and to just show her off! She was a STAR! So popular. After they got a sneak peek through the doors (quickly) they all came upstairs to visit. I was feeling great, so I was up for visitors. Another blessing. I am so glad I was feeling this good. I wasn't exhausted, I was running on adrenaline and maybe some Ibuprofen. hehe.
Hollis holding mommy's hand during her bath.

Our visitors! Lindsey got pictures of everyone holding her individually. I will post when I get them! 

After everyone left, we did a little skin to skin. It is so comfy. I could be boobs to the wind all day everyday with her laying there. It was my favorite. I still try to do it, but she doesn't like my shirts... make her sweat too much! haha. She gets the sweating from daddy. 

I couldn't hold her any other way. It was too perfect... and she loved it. If she wasn't crying, I was holding her how she wanted!
Hollis Parker rocking her name bow! I just made it using iron on letters and a pre-made bow from Michael's Craft Store, then I stuck it through her hat. She looked adorable and everyone complimented her fabulous bow and her name!

Aunt Alissa was super excited to meet Hollis! (and find out her name finally)

Aunt Steph and the boys came to visit too! 

Just having a conversation with daddy. They are friends. 

Snuggled up at the foot of mommy's bed. She was so comfy and sleepy.

Showing off the rolls. She will hate this picture in the future. I cherish how healthy she is and was. 

First time in the nursery. It was not easy to send her, but I knew I needed to to ensure I got some sleep and was able to heal a little bit. The nurses brought her in every three hours but said she is just snoozing and being a good girl. I am so glad! They did have to check her blood sugar before every feeding because of her weight. Chubs!

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