Monday, March 31, 2014

.Hollis Parker Week Four.

Can you believe that she is almost a MONTH old! I am in complete shock. It has gone so quickly! Here are a few highlights from Hollis' fourth week!

Look at my fancy ruffle outfit! Another great hand-me-down from Stella! It is cute in the picture but amazing in person! I never thought I would like black and white on a baby, but Hollis can pull it off!
Aunt Tiff came to visit and bring us some dinner. It was yummy! I am glad I got in some snuggles! I can't wait to meet my new cousin!

Just for comparison purposes: The left is Stella at 3 months old. The right is Hollis at 3 weeks old. I have a chubs on my hands! <3
We got the swing all set up at the Dorsey's. Stella loved to push Hollis. We sat by her, pushed her, and even ate our lunch watching her swing! It was a big to-do! :) Stella has been such an amazing helper. She gets me anything I need and usually knows what Hollis needs when she starts crying. Milk Lexis? Paci Lexis? Diaper Lexis? TWO wipes! (she counts them out for me) I hope this doesn't wear off. hehe
Baby Hoods are funny. I think this outfit is adorable... and then I put on the cute jacket with the hood. Even cuter. And then I realize that the zipper is the stiffest and most annoying thing! I ended up taking the coat off! This picture makes me laugh because she was annoyed by the stupid zipper too!

We went to Michaels and I got Stella this little bunny to color. She loved it! She kept showing it to Hollis. Do you like it baby Hollis? My Bunny! (the second picture, she is grinning ear to ear behind the bunny!)

Hollis and I went to visit my friend Jen at the nursing home. Jen has ALS and we make weekly visits to her. I have written about her before, but I am so glad that she got to meet Hollis. This is a picture of Christine holding Hollis. Who SLEPT the whole time! Who is this child? haha. Anyway, Jen was really glad to meet her and it was nice to bring a little ray of sunshine into that room. We only stayed for a few minutes. But, in those few minutes, I managed to get reprimanded by a nurse. Ugh! So, on my way home I called a few people (mom and Michelle) to verify I am not a terrible mother! She pulled me outside of the room and told me that Jen is technically quarantined (I knew this and I know that the reason is not contagious FYI) and that she was concerned that I had an infant in the room. "Babies are very susceptible." DUH! But my friend needed to meet her. Anyway. I felt better after I talked to my mom and friend. But I was still annoyed. She was just doing her job... I know, but way to make me feel two inches tall!

Hollis was really awake and alert! She was just chilling in her Boppy and looking around. She even made some non-crying noises! How cute! 

We decided to try to start a new bedtime routine. Bath between 7:30-8:00pm, baby massage (still working on finding a good one and practicing), PJs, swaddle, and rocking and reading. Well... someone (Hollis Parker) fell asleep at 7:00. That didn't bode well for the routine. We still bathed her. She woke up. She was fine. She ate and fell soundly asleep by 10. I am hoping that she can cut that down. But... I can't complain in any way. She slept from 10-4! Woo Hoo! Woke up to eat, back to sleep until 7am! <3 I plan to keep this routine up! I know that it will be beneficial in the long run and for my sanity later in life! 

It was a yucky day outside. It was supposed to rain/snow so I didn't plan on making it to daddy's scrimmage. Hollis was in a super lazy mode, sleepy, and we weren't in the mood to sit in the cold. We are excited for opening day on Saturday! I hope it clears up and is nice and warm! :) We have cute baseball outfits to debut!
Just napping. The vacuum cleaner puts me to sleep. <3

I do love my daddy! We sent this picture to him for some encouragement today during school. <3

Aunt Jamie came over to hang out with us at night. She brought mommy and daddy some Jimmy John's! It was delicious. She even got to hang out for my bath! I was a trooper. I fussed a little, but I did pretty good when she was bouncing me! We are going to be great friends.

Friday was a pretty slow day with Stella. She was sleepy, so was I. I did get to watch Frozen with Stella. It was my first time. I liked to look at the screen and hear the music!
We went to visit our friends Shane and Kim to watch some basketball, eat some food, and the girls did their nails.
Just watching the games with daddy and Pastor Shane <3

We skipped bath and went to bed... I snuck my arm out of my swaddle!

Opening Day was cancelled due to rainy and cold weather. Bummer! We were ready to go! It was nice to relax, get up, get ready, and wait for our visitors!
Tiffany, Tara, Kay and Gary came first. They all got their snuggles in at the house. We went out to lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant to just relax and enjoy each other. Thank you Kay for lunch!! This family has always been there for me. I can not express how much I love them and how important they are to me. I not only am wonderful friends with Tiffany (and Gary) but Tara was one of my campers at church camp and the relationship we have is amazing as well! She isn't just the little sister. <3
Tara and Hollis

Kay and Hollis (and some little eyes peekin')

Gary and Hollis 

Tiffany and Hollis

The Girls <3
Alissa and Mia met us at the restaurant. It was the FIRST time Mia got to see Hollis in person. We have FaceTimed a few times, but she was excited. So excited that she woke up early that morning and said "BABY HOLLIS!" How adorable!
Mia got her FIRST look... this was her reaction. :) 

It was game on from then on! Alissa HAD to hold her, and Mia HAD to hug and kiss her! 

Just becoming best friends! <3

Alissa and I have a similar picture, so we tried to re-create it. I will try to find it and post a side by side soon. Mia couldn't get enough! 

CHEESE! (upon seeing this picture, Alissa said, "Oh Hollis, you are going to have to be in the back of pictures to make your head look smaller just like your mom!" Nice! It is the truth. Alissa and Mia=small heads, Alexis and Hollis=HUGE heads.)

Snuggling on the rocking chair with Mia and Aunt Alissa <3

Sunday was a no-church Sunday. We slept in a bit, relaxed in our pjs, ate breakfast, and then headed to Easton to meet Uncle Clayton and get some lunch.
Just relaxing in our jammies! These fruit jams are AMAZING. They used to be Mia's! She kept saying, "Mia's baby". I have a feeling they are best friends already! 

We stopped at Buy Buy Baby first. We had to take a few things back (due to our head size-haha) and mommy was on the hunt for the Aden and Anais DREAM blanket. It is thicker than the swaddlers. No luck! It is still a goal to get one. But, we did find a stroller blanker from them that was a nice thickness. We also got our 'soon to be baseball friend' his gift too!
I got all dressed up to go to Easton. I was definitely BORN TO SHINE! <3

We went to Chipotle for lunch. Yumm. Hollis slept from 11-2. It was nice but caught us off guard. We went to Costco, but Mia fell asleep in the car, and that in itself is a miracle, so they took advantage, and headed home. We headed home too. We relaxed at home... Mommy even got to clean out her closet!! Whew! It was getting crazy crowded.

I got to take a bath! I love bath time. Trying to get back on schedule. It makes for a much easier night for mommy and daddy. I was holding daddy's finger the whole time. (You could say he is wrapped around mine... hehe)

Because opening day was cancelled, we are starting fresh tomorrow! I laid out all the baseball gear. I have got to get to the store to get things printed on the blank onesies. I have a few ideas. I need to get moving! We have a lot of games to get to this week.. especially since it is supposed to be somewhat warm and we can show off the outfits as opposed to hiding in our carseat!

Mommy caught another smile while I was sleeping. They are becoming more frequent and they happen when she is awake too. Sometimes, she smiles so big and her little eyes light up! I love it!!

Here is to opening day and a week full of baseball. Did I mention DADDY IS ON SPRING BREAK!!!

-Alexis and Hollis-

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