Saturday, March 8, 2014

.Hollis Parker Week One.


Napping. That is what most of the day consists of for Hollis. I feel like we can actually accomplish a few things. Not that I have.. I like being lazy. I just had a baby right? She always looks so peaceful when she is sleeping. The girl sleeps through everything. Loud noises, the dogs barking, mom and dad yelling at the dogs. Amazing.

Aspen felt it was necessary to nap beside Hollis in mommy's arm. 

Adi is always right by Hollis. She follows her wherever she goes! 

I can't believe it is already Fat Tuesday! John got me Paczis! Delicious. We enjoyed Fat Tuesday by being FAT! :) 
We got our first bath! It wasn't pleasant. Hollis didn't appreciate being cold. I started to wash her hair and she stopped wailing. I then realized she was peeing EVERYWHERE! Nice work!
Daddy cuddled me to make sure I got warm. I did. It was nice. 
Check out my chubs! <3 Next stop, my first doctor's appointment! 
I am all dressed and ready to go to the doctor! (This is mommy's favorite outfit)

We made it on time... actually a bit early! 

Dr. Bomi is nice. She noticed how strong I am and that I am a mover. I was back up to 9lbs 4oz from my hospital leaving weight of 8lbs 15oz. We started Vitamin D drops and Dr. Bomi even said a prayer for us. We love the doctor's office we chose and their Christian beliefs. 

I handled that like a champ! 
After the doctor, we wanted to run to Target and to Motherhood Maternity for a few things. We walked around Target for a bit. By the time we made it to the register, I felt like my boobs were about to explode. It was so painful, I felt like I was going to pass out! Even the cashier asked if I was ok. Yikes. So, as soon as we walked in Motherhood Maternity, I asked to go to the dressing room to nurse. It wasn't time for Hollis to eat, nor was she hungry. But, she helped her mommy out! haha. Whew! I got fitted for a BellyBandit. I like how it fits and I hope it helps shrink my belly. 

Daddy took me on my first date. I was only 6 days old! We went to McDonald's for breakfast. He knew that is mommy's favorite and wanted to be fair. 
I wore my I Love Daddy Outfit for the occasion. I can't wait for more daddy-daughter dates!

Today was photo shoot day with Brooke! I have known Brooke since college, and I am so glad we were able to get her to take Hollis's newborn pictures! It was great. She came to the house, and Hollis participated. It was a rocky, fussy morning, so I was worried. She handled it amazingly! I will share more pictures later! 
Behind the Scenes <3
-Sneak Peek-
After four hours... we got what we were hoping for! Daddy and Hollis were a bit tired. Too many hair bows and outfits! They napped for a while. 

I am officially a week old! It was a busy day! I got to meet my cousins, Blake and Rachael for the first time, and my Aunt Dawn. Grandma Carol, Aunt Wendy and Kerrigan came to visit too! We got to spend the day together. Aunt Wendy and Grandma Carol went to see Phantom of the Opera and we got a lot of snuggles in. 

Blake and Hollis

Rachael and Hollis

Group picture! (we have the same picture from my shower... I'll try to find it for comparison)

Wearing my "Grandma's Favorite" sleeper and hanging out with Grandma Carol!
Just GIRLS on the Vargo Side of the family! <3 We like pink... ;) 
Someone couldn't get enough! Rachael is mommy's birthday buddy! 
Worn out from all the fun! I will smirk a little. :)

In the middle of my family visiting, we had Olentangy's MEET THE TEAM night!  All the boys were excited to meet Hollis. We decided we should go. So, here are a few pictures from the event. I already have boys that love me and are going to be my protectors! 

Drew and Grant met me at the door! <3

-Dad And I Are A Team-

Ready for the season to start! GO BRAVES! 

It only took a week, but I finally got the "It's a Girl" sign on my /E/. I love this door hanger. All I do is switch out the small embellishment for the occasion. Super easy because I just use velcro!

On Sundays, we decided we would visit GG and GP. Hollis is eight days old in this picture. GG is 96 years old and GP is 97 years old. It is amazing the love that they have for their youngest great-grandchild. She is the 15th! GG loved holding Hollis. They were in the downstairs lobby getting ready for dinner, so we had a lot of little old ladies coming over to visit. GG kept saying, "Look at her little boots!" and "She is EIGHT days old! Can you believe it!" GG was astounded at how big she was. Aren't we all. ;)

PURE LOVE in a picture<3

On Sundays, we do laundry. Hollis helped.... kind of. 

My first week was exhausting, fun, and full of love. I can only imagine what week two will bring! 

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