Wednesday, March 26, 2014

.Hollis Parker Week Three.

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day by wearing as much green as we could! See the St. Patrick's Day post for all the fun. Here is a sneak peek of the outfit!

Monday was both John and I's first day back to work. I am blessed with a job where I can take Hollis and spend the day with her, too! I was a bit anxious to see how Stella would react and how Hollis would deal with all the poking, singing, reading, etc. It turned out to be a great day! Stella has become quite the helper! She loves to get anything out of the diaper bag I need! She loves "baby Hollis" and they are going to be such good friends. John had no desire to go back to work. But... such is life. I sent him so many pictures throughout the day. It was nice to see him when he got home. 
Stella gave Hollis a baby immediately. Then stood by her the whole time, until she woke up!

After standing for a while, Stella read Hollis some books. I think it was about 4-5 before she moved on to bigger and better things. She was always right by Hollis. Making sure she was awake!

The love for baby Hollis is only getting bigger. Stella was so excited that she and Hollis were both wearing a tutu type skirt! WE MATCH she would yell.
We attempted a group photo... FAIL! (valiant effort...)

I was VERY awake today. I wanted to make sure I knew what was going on!

I slept a little bit. Stella still talked to me. I was too busy dreaming to listen. 
She showed me her bracelet. Stella kept saying "She 'boves' (loves) it!" She sang to me. She read to me. I slept. 

I had a hair appointment that night. John had baseball and tutoring LATE that night, so it was just me and Hollis. I was a little nervous if she would sleep or not. I have been wanting to put highlights back in my hair since I got pregnant. I waited. It was a gift for my birthday from John and Jamie! Thanks!!! I love how it turned out. Hollis was so good at the salon. She just slept. She woke up when daddy got there. I was getting my hair washed. She made it a long time. Whew! 
Here is a shameless selfie the next day of the finished product. I left the salon with half-wet hair because Hollis was SCREAMING to eat. So, we had to bolt. I paid, got in John's car, and fed her. I didn't truly see what it looked like until the next morning. I like it. I want it more blonde next time.

 Hollis got her FIRST big girl bath that night. She was a sweaty mess, so we decided to give it a try. She LOVED it. I thought she would scream the whole time. Nope. She soaked it all in. She is so cute in that little tub with her big belly. She was wide awake, loving looking around. Adi thought the whole process was interesting. She kept pushing her way over to the tub to check it out. The tub is cool too! It is a 4moms bathtub. It has a temp gauge (we haven't added batteries yet) and the dirty water drains out while clean water keeps refilling. So smart!

So, I am all prepared. I get the diaper bag packed the night before, put it in the car at night so all I have to do in the morning is get in the car and go. Well... I get to work. Hollis is hungry. So, I head to the bedroom to feed her. Hudson is a very curious 6yr old. I try to keep it covered or go into another room. He tends to follow. He never says anything, just comes in to keep me company. Anyway... I go to the bedroom, get all ready to feed her, and BAM... no nipple shield. So, we try without with NO success. Bummer. Ok. Don't panic. **Screaming/Starving Child** OK. OK. OK. I get dressed again head out and tell the kids to get shoes on, we need to get in the car! I was probably panicking because Hudson grabbed flip flops (it was raining... of course) and ran to the van. Stella tried to get her shoes on, but couldn't so I had to help. Hollis is screaming! So... we get everyone in the BIG van. Hollis doesn't have a base in that vehicle, so I had to get her all strapped in and tight. We drive to my house, I grab a shield, and drive back to work. Whew! We made it and Hollis slept in the car. Stella slept a bit too. (no puking)
Pre-Breakdown... looking super cute in my orange outfit from Aunt Donna, Uncle Mike, and Miriya. 

First ride in the big black van! 

After a successful nipple shield retrieval, lunch, and a little bit of playing, ALL THREE KIDS took a nap at the same time! It was crazy! Lets keep this going!! :) 

With Easter quickly approaching, we were gifted Hollis's Easter dress! I am determined to find her an Easter hat. Well... It has been a flop thus far. There was this one... perfect because it matches the gold moccasins.. I called... smallest size is a 4T! I have found some at Janie and Jack. We will go try them on soon. 

This was at the end of the day. Hudson just walked up to her, checked her out, then walked away. Typical six year old boy response! hehe. He loves her though! 

So Stella has been having these random fits. And when I say 'fit' I am not referencing a normal two year old temper tantrum. I am talking screaming, ripping clothes off, unable to be talked to, running in circles FIT. It is crazy. Anyway, when I left to have Hollis, these fits became more frequent. So... on FaceTime one night while I was gone, I told Stella if she doesn't fuss, I will bring her bubblegum. She requested blue bubblegum. Well... now, whenever Hollis fusses (like above picture) immediately, Stella starts singing/chanting "NO FUSSIN' NO BUBBLEGUM!" It is hilarious! I now catch myself saying it to her at home too. 
Minnie Mouse and I took some selfies. We thought we should celebrate the word of the year. And, look how cute she is! 
We came home to MAIL! Hollis has gotten more mail than I think I have my entire life. I am kind of jealous. I get to open them though! haha. My best friend, Natalie, lives in NYC (not for long though!!) and sent Hollis some goodies. She got a magnetic onesie, cute stripey outfit, these two books, and mommy's favorite ABC garland that is made from old children's books! I can't wait to hang it up! I love it so much. Just up my alley! 
Friday proved to be a sleepy one! Look at little lady as I tried to get her ready for the day. I released her from the swaddle, and she stayed asleep. She is adorable when she sleeps, but I love to see her awake too! 
It was formal day at school today. So everyone was dressed so fancy! Look how beautiful Kennedy looked! I wore my bow for the occasion. 

The sleepiness continued. Hollis slept for hours today! Totally not her norm. It does mean that mommy got to catch up some on the blog. Whew! 

I got to meet my uncle Brice and Crimson today! They came over to bring us dinner (which was delicious) and we got to snuggle a bit! It was so much fun. My big cousin Atherton held me too! 
Mommy took me to daddy's baseball scrimmage today! It was fun. I slept. Mommy loves to go and see the parents, have conversations and watch the boys play! I am excited for the season! I was tucked away the whole time because it was FREEZING, but mommy did have me in my blue and yellow to represent! It was a long day. I fell asleep when I got home! Whew! Go Braves! We can't wait for better weather and OPENING DAY! 
Today I get to meet my PaPa (mommy's dad). First I had to stop and see GG and GP and take them some lunch. We took them McDonald's. They LOVE it. (just like mommy) They said it is the best burger they have had. I wonder if they liked the apple pies? GG got me a cute outfit with a whale on it! I can't wait to wear it. Aunt Karen, Uncle Paul, Lily, and Cecelia were there too! I got to snuggle with Aunt Karen and Cecelia liked my diaper cover.
Check out my new dress! I needed a new one so I could meet my PaPa in style! It has little whales on it. Thank you baby Gap and your sale! :) I looked fancy!
 YAY!!!! I met my PaPa! It was so wonderful. We went to Carraba's for lunch! I was pretty good. I just hung out with him for a little bit. Them mommy needed to feed me. (She may have sat on the bathroom floor to do so.. no judging. It was that or sit on the toilet... She opted for the floor) After we ate, we went to hang out at Gram and Papi's house (daddy's mom and dad) because it was WAY closer for PaPa to drive. He came all the way from Mitchell, IN. FOUR HOURS! He loves me.
Mommy swears I look like PaPa. I got the dark hair, the blue eyes, and the cheeks. :) 

We watched a bit of March Madness. I hung out on PaPa's belly for a little bit. I searched for my thumb. We tried to get Skype to work on PaPa's tablet so we can see each other, but it wouldn't work. Bummer. Mommy will figure it out. 

Then, I fell asleep in PaPa's lap. I was a sweaty mess when I woke up. But, we were comfy! 
I had a blast meeting my PaPa. Soon, I get to meet Big PaPa! (my great grandfather) I am excited for that too. Thank you PaPa for driving so far to meet me. I love you and love your snuggles! 

-Alexis and Hollis-

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