Sunday, March 16, 2014

.Hollis Parker Week Two.

Mommy and I played on the playmat! I can follow the mobile with my eyes. Those butterflies are fun to watch! We relaxed and wore sweats! 

 On Tuesday I visited Stella. She has been having meltdowns. So, I thought it would be nice to go visit and take Hollis to visit as well. She loves her baby Hollis! It was so cute to watch her try to show Hollis EVERYTHING she owned. She even put her Sofia the First sunglasses on Hollis. Adorable.

John had to tutor. Hollis and I joined him. He tutors in the Kroger, so we walked around for a while. Then, we decided to head outside to take a little walk. I can't wait until the weather gets nice enough to go for more walks. Ohio is being a bit sassy this year and winter seems to keep lingering. 

We have been blessed by a church who set up a meal train for us. It is so nice to not have to cook every night. We have been blessed with so many delicious meals. Running Joke: Karmon doesn't cook. (she actually does, and John loves her food! haha.) But, we decided to go out to dinner with Karmon and Alex and our great friend Jamie. They treated us to Son of Thurman. It is the newest food in Delaware, and Thurman's (the original) is famous! So... Hollis handled it well. //insert sarcasm// She was a fuss, but I finally got her to sleep. Whew!
 Aunt Karmon loves to snuggle with me! 
 Uncle Alex does too! :) 
We had a big day on Wednesday. We went to the doctor for a follow up. I weighed 9lbs 15oz. I have officially surpassed by birth weight. We talked to the doctor about the regurgitation. We are to keep her upright after eating, burping her, and making sure she try to eat slower. (how is this possible?) 
 Not only did we see the doctor, but a nurse came to our house as part of the hospital's Welcome Home program. It was nice to have some questions answered and get an update on her weight again. haha. She was eating a lot that day and she did it. She made it to 10lbs! We got a goodie bag with swaddle sac too!
The rest of the day consisted of a bit of tummy time in our tutu! :) She has rolled to her back ONCE already, and she pulls her knees in and can push up on her hands to lift her head off the ground. Yikes. Too much too soon!
Tummy time is exhausting, so we napped. The puppies joined in on the action. They like to nap all the time. 

Swinging in my tutu! <3
My Social Security Number came in the mail today! It is so nice to be a 'person'. Now I just need to get mommy to send in my birth certificate information. Daddy thinks that they have started over, because my SSN starts with ONE! Crazy!

Daddy went into work today to get a few things done and he went to baseball. So, Hollis and mommy hung out. It never fails, as soon as daddy leaves, shit goes sideways! I am not exaggerating. For example, I will be nursing and Aspen and Adi BOTH need to go out. Or, they need water. Or...
I rest so peacefully...

and have a blowout! Only for mommy! :) 
Daddy laid out an outfit for the day, so I got to wear all pink! I worked on sucking my thumb while he was away. I am getting pretty good at it. It is mostly my knuckle that actually makes it to my mouth!

Just hanging out. 
Friday Night was a really bad time. Hollis screamed for four hours until we finally got her to sleep. It was so bad, I called the on-call doctor and he made us an appointment for the following morning. Whew! John met us at the doctor after cleaning. The doctor weighed Hollis again. 10lbs 2oz. Still growing. So.. he said I didn't have to wake her up anymore for feedings! YES! I am excited to see how it goes! We talked about the regurgitating and the painful cry after. He mimicked the sound EXACTLY! Amazing. So... he prescribed Zantac. He said to give it two weeks to work. Here goes nothing.

I got to spend my time with Aunt Michelle! It was so nice to cuddle and fuss for her and give mommy a break! I (mommy) appreciated the time to just sit and talk to another adult... and it happened to be my best friend! <3 

Sunday, we decided we could try to make it to church. We love our church family, and it has been John's dream to hold his baby girl and sing the worship songs to and with her! Here we are! All dressed in our Sunday best. We even made it on time! We weren't late... we even got to get breakfast before!

I wore my Ugg Mary Janes! 

I slept through all of church. Mommy had to feed me for a few minutes and change my diaper, but other than that, I was a perfect attendee! :) 

The big girls were EXCITED to hold me. Elliana was first!

Rylan was next! 

First Family Photo at Church <3 LHC <3

Tradition goes, visit GG and GP on Sundays. GG was astonished at how big Hollis was and both GG and GP were so excited for us to visit. Next week, we are going to take them some lunch. 

We had a big week. Doctors, family and friends. 
Both John and I start back to work on Monday. We will see how successful week three is going to be. 
Prayers appreciated. 

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