Thursday, March 6, 2014

I'm Coming Home! Welcome to Linwood Street!

Hollis was born on Saturday in the afternoon. After one day in the hospital, John and I were ready to leave! I was feeling great and bored out of my skull. I did enjoy just sitting and staring and holding Hollis. So, when we finally got the go ahead from the pediatrician and my doctor (who came to the hospital the next day in real clothes and it threw me off big time!), we were ready to go! Monday was the date of our departure. John had a dentist appointment that morning, so they were gracious enough to postpone it until a little later when he returned from the dentist. (No cavities! Success!) The morning we were leaving, we packed up, stacked up, and got her pictures taken. It was nice and relaxed. No rush. We even took advantage and ate one final lunch from the room service. John got the meatloaf and I got delicious chicken alfredo pasta. We even got ice cream to eat with our pizza cookie from Pete and Tiff. We were ready to go! Here are a few pictures and some captions on our way home!
All packed up at the hospital! Ready to head home! (The hospital provides wagons for you to fill up with stuff to take to your car. So convenient!)

First time in the car seat. It was a cold day, so we had on our winter hat!

With mommy, ready to go home!

With daddy, ready to go home!

Daddy got me all in and ready to go in his car. Perfect fit! My cheeks jiggled the whole way home! It was funny for mommy to watch. Everyone talks about how when you are driving her home, it makes it real. And that car ride is kind of scary. It wasn't scary per say, but it just felt right! It was so cool to know that we are a family of three. Something we had been planning. It was awesome. I was a bit sore on the ride home. Not sore pain wise, but it was like all my insides were just sloshing around inside of me. John did not miss the speed humps in our neighborhood either. Yuck. 

We had to stop at Babies R Us to get more nipple shields. One was not going to cut it. Can you believe they are $10 a piece! So annoying. Funny story about this picture... when he was walking out, the song "I Need a Hero" was on. Perfection! John is an amazing daddy but he is an amazing husband too!

When we came home, we made sure we greeted the dogs first. Hollis hung out in the car while we met them. They had a blanket from her birth for her smell (thanks Jamie for all your help with that!). They were obsessed with the baby blanket when we were still in the hospital. So, when we got home, we had some worries that Adi would not like her. Adi is a big dog and intimidates a lot of people. We know she is a sweet dog but others get really nervous around her because of her deep bark. She is doing her job by protecting us when someone comes to the door. I appreciate her when I am home alone. So, in order to make it smooth, we made sure it was just us coming home. That eliminated a whole can of worms. After we greeted the dogs, John brought Hollis in to meet the dogs. They were waiting at the door!! How adorable! They loved her immediately. They were all up in her face and Aspen was jumping up and down! It was adorable. We have a video. I will have to find it. 

-Adi meets Hollis-

Once we got settled in, we were exhausted. So... we took a family siesta! John, Hollis and Adi napped on the couch. Aspen and I slept on the recliner. It was glorious! Little did we know that Hollis had a surprise for us! 
SURPRISE! It was poop! So, our first night home, we had our first blow-out! Because she still had her cord, we weren't able to just stick her in her bath... so we had to improvise. After figuring out how to get her "over the head" outfit off and 40 wipes later, she was clean and happy. Whew! I wish I would have had our reactions on video. It was so funny. We laughed the whole time. She didn't think it was as funny. 
We were also super excited because we got to put her name on the wall to complete the nursery! I told you... perfect! I am so in love with her nursery. It is so much fun! 

We are blessed to have a new baby girl. We are beyond grateful that she is healthy and happy. We are so excited to start this new journey! I will try my best to keep updated weekly. You can always follow me on instagram to get some daily Hollis pictures! I am starting a #hollis365 and uploading one picture a day. I hope to compile them at the end of her first year for a fun book and look back for her birthday! 

Thank you for all the love and support you have given our little family. 

-Alexis, John and Hollis-

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