Friday, March 28, 2014

-New Mommy Indulgences-

So, as a new mommy, everyone tells you to "sleep when the baby sleeps" and "take care of mommy too!", etc. Well, I was emailed a few days ago about "Giving Myself a Raise!" (I like that idea!!) So, part of this giving myself a raise has to do with the new website, The website is easy to sign into, and you can buy and sell gift cards. I know after my baby showers there are a few gift cards I wish were for other places so I could get specific items. For instance, I could go and sell my gift card and turn around and buy a new one with the money I just earned! I have seen kiosks for this type of thing, but makes it easy and you can do it from your living room! Important with a new baby!

So... as a new mommy, how do I indulge? I have been stewing over this for a few days. I think I have come up with my short list...

1. Diet Coke:

I love a good Diet Coke. When I was pregnant with Hollis, I didn't drink many and if I did it was caffeine free. Now, I enjoy a regular Diet Coke when I want to indulge. From the CAN none the less. I have always loved Diet Coke and it is known to everyone. As soon as Hollis was delivered, someone brought me a Diet Coke! (thank you to whoever that was... it was the most delicious DC I have had!) I was so thirsty after 16 hours of nothing but ice chips. Diet Coke hit the spot! It is an indulgence and quite possibly my only addiction.

Ok.. back to new mommy indulgences!

2. Baby Clothes and Shoes:
Baby clothes are just adorable. Especially when they are styled like an adult, but teeny tiny! I have seen some amazing outfits for Hollis. I definitely indulge in clothes for baby. I try to resist, but they are too adorable! This outfit on Hollis was from Target (shoes from Children's Place). She looks like a little adult but she is a week old in this picture!
I am also a bargain shopper. Both of these things were on sale. I just love baby clothes. She has yet to wear the same outfit twice... but this one may need to be repeated! 
((Target gift cards on$10 for $9.50))

3. New Dresses
I LOVE to wear dresses. I just think they are more flattering for my body in general, but after baby, they are even more flattering. I look forward to buying new ones. The first excuse to buy a new dress is for Easter! Hollis has her dress, John has a matching shirt and tie, and mommy needs a dress to match! (Yes, I will be that family on holidays--don't judge!) I have my eye on a few dresses! The family theme is purple. Hollis is wearing a dress from Baby Gap with bunnies on it. I need to find a purple dress... I am currently still on the hunt! I found these two online, MilkNursingWear. They are Nursing dresses! They have easy access for Hollis to eat! Interesting to me! 
4. Newborn Pictures
Pictures are a true expense. They are not cheap. I was so glad that John came around to the importance of the pictures. Hollis could potentially be our only child. We need to celebrate and remember the true gift she is. We saved and saved to indulge in pictures. We had a photographer at her birth. Lindsey Scholz was amazing! I can't wait to see the pictures. Then, we had Brooke Vatter (Cherished Moments Photography) come to our house when Hollis was 6 days old and she did a fantastic job taking her newborn pictures! I mean, just look at how precious! I highly recommend indulging in pictures. You would hate to get crappy results because you went 'cheaper' and the time is gone. They aren't 'fresh and new' anymore.

5. Family Time ((Saved the BEST for last))
I think one of the biggest indulgences, for my husband and I, is to take time to just sit and relax or go somewhere together. The first few weeks of being a family of three have been pretty hectic. A lot of visitors, appointments, and then back to work. I am blessed by all three of those previous things, but it is so nice to just be the three of us. Whether I am watching him snuggle with Hollis or I am rocking and holding her. We indulge. We don't do the housework, we don't do schoolwork, we don't worry about anything else but just being a family. We get stressed when she is inconsolable, we eat out more than we should, we pass her off when our arms get tired, but when it is just us, it is complete indulgence. I recommend it! It is nice to shut out the world for a day and just be a family. (Something I have been dreaming of for a long time!)

I encourage you to take time as a new mommy to indulge in a few things that either you couldn't while pregnant or just haven't in a while. New moms are sometimes over-looked when it comes to new baby being in town. Just take time for yourself. It could be one of the things I mentioned or it could be things as simple as a long shower with new, good-smelling soap, or a bath to rest your tired body. Maybe it is a new diaper bag or fun gadget to use with the baby! Or.. your favorite food. (I go for McDonald's breakfast...always...) Enjoy life as a new mommy and as a new family. 

Remember, check out to give yourself a raise with new gift cards to spend and indulge! <3


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