Sunday, March 23, 2014

*Pinch* St. Patrick's Day *Pinch*

Well, my March baby got to celebrate her FIRST official holiday! How exciting! I was super excited to dress her up in her green, take pictures, and decorate the nursery for March. We didn't do much to 'celebrate' per say... I don't think making breastmilk green is acceptable... hehe. Next year! Here are a few pictures of our green! ((I had another onesie for her, but I never got it on her, pack it away))

Not easy to get a good picture of the COMPLETE outfit... but the gold moccasins were a perfect pairing! Gold at the end of the rainbow? :) Her outfit was a had little shamrock pockets! We got the bib from a consignment site on Facebook and I got her headband from beebababy on Instagram. Successful! I can't wait until Easter. I have been making a collection already for her basket. It is the one holiday we spend at home. It was the first church service we attended at Liberty Hill Church and we love to be there on our 'churchiversary'. (I just made that up!) I am so excited about Easter. I can't wait to blog about it!

Nursery Wreath for March
(shamrock from Hobby Lobby, bow is a hair bow)

Nursery Mirror for March
(Foam Shamrocks from Michaels and random ribbon)
I strung these together really quick while daddy was rocking with Hollis. It took about 5 minutes total. I love how it turned out. I was skeptical at first. 

**Side Note: I keep all the monthly decorations in a ziploc baggie (by month) in the desk drawer in her nook so we can always add to them/re-use them next year!**

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

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