Thursday, April 10, 2014

*Baby's First Easter Basket*

I am so excited to celebrate Easter with Hollis as part of the family. It is a real holiday that we can celebrate together. It is the first time John and I went to Liberty Hill Church (3 years ago) and of course it is fun to have an Easter basket! I have Hollis' all ready to go. I am so excited to 'share' it with her. She will have no idea, but it will be fun with a lot of pictures. We are planning to go to church in the morning and then head to Aunt Tiff and Uncle Pete's to see the family.

I did a little research on things to put in baby's first Easter basket, and I decided to do my own. I am putting things in it that I know we will use at the tiny age of only 6 weeks. She has plenty of toys and can't eat jelly beans... so this is what I came up with. :)

Hollis' First Easter Basket Contents
 1. eggs filled with hair clips (I bought the flowers at craft stores and glued clips to the back to make bows)
2. Two Rompers (hot air balloons and chevron) from Kohl's (only $6.00 each!)
3. Two Sleepers (woodland animals and bunny) from Kohl's (only $7.00 each!)
4. My First Easter Bib (bought this consignment)
5. The Story of Easter board book (bought at Meijer)
6. Chocolate Cross (gotta have some chocolate... Kroger-$1.00)
7. Aden+Anais Stroller Blanket ($20 at Buy Buy Baby)
8. Basket to be used yearly (I bought burlap circles to add her name to it... coming soon)
9. Bunny Stuffed Animal (This was a gift in the hospital from my sister and niece but I can't find a better one, so I added it to her basket. They got it at the hospital gift shop but it is AMAZING and adorable!)
10. Bunny's Bow (I made this with leftovers from Hollis' Easter hat to match)
All packaged up in the basket <3

-All Ready for Easter-

What did you put in your child's first Easter basket?


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