Wednesday, April 2, 2014

*Hollis is ONE Month*

Can you believe that one month ago I was at the hospital giving birth!? I can't.

This month has come with its challenges, but it has been wonderful. John and I make a great team. No one tells you before you have a baby that you will raise your voice at each other daily... especially if the baby is screaming. We try to make a true effort to not, but, it doesn't always work.

I have BIG plans for her monthly pictures... we have to postpone number 1 because of two reasons: 1. I have to go to the store (and finding time for that is impossible) and 2. She has baby acne BAD and I wanted to see if it would clear up. Last night... she was screaming and it was so red... poor thing.

Stay tuned.

I did get to wear this super cute dress from Aunt Michelle! Thank you warm weather! <3
We got to celebrate her first month of birth with a WIN for the Braves! I made her a new shirt (well halfway... I have more to add) for the game. It says "one & 15". I spelled out the one because she was ONE month old yesterday. The one and fifteen stand for the first and last team rules. It is about loyalty and teamwork. Hollis loved that she didn't have to be cooped up in her carseat for the whole game. She got to enjoy the sunshine and beautiful weather. It was a bit windy, but not too bad. Way to go BRAVES!

I was fussing because the game was over... ;)

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