Tuesday, April 8, 2014

.Hollis Parker Week Five.

We finally got to have opening day! I used to loathe going to baseball games. Then, last season I decided I should give it a go. I learned the players' numbers and names, and that has made it more interesting. Here we are on opening day! (We are going to go to every game that we can)

Just with daddy in the dugout <3 
Rocking my Braves gear! 
(didn't get a win this time)

Tiffany and Peter (and the girls) got me a really cool gift! It was a certificate to blog2print.com. All I had to do was type in my blog web address, and it created a book using my posts and pictures. So... I just did the whole thing... 330 pages...$151.00! ok... so I went through and decided to do just the belly pictures/posts. I even got a coupon to use when I registered. I am super excited to see it when it comes!

Hollis is a month old. Is this real life? I can't believe I have a one month old already. Her baby acne has gotten REALLY bad. Her face is covered. Then, on top of that, she gets heat rash and it all turns super red! Poor thing! We didn't take her one month picture. I am waiting to see if it clears up a bit. We got to wear a cute dress from Michelle because it wasn't freezing! Whew! Hollis looked adorable!
It was a funny hair day! Just a bit of bed head <3

I made Hollis a onesie that had two meanings... 1&15 (team motto) and one for her one month birthday! She rocked it with super cute leggings from Aunt Alissa. 

Just being a little fuss. But, a really cute fuss. 

Wednesday started with Hollis's one month well check. She weighed in at 11 lbs and 21 inches long. We had a few questions, got them answered and then it was time for her shot. She did pretty good. Cried for about 3 seconds. Aspen's pep talk before we left must have helped!
It was a pretty relaxed day for the rest of the day. We just hung out. 

Daddy's baseball game got cancelled due to the rain, so we got to hang out at night! AND... Chad and Kelcie brought us dinner and it was delicious. It was amazing to catch up with them, hang out and eat. I miss them at LHC.

Thursday I took a half day. A friend of the family I nanny for brought over her daughter in the morning. She is exactly one week younger than Hollis. She is so much smaller and it is so crazy to see the difference. Hollis is a strong newborn. She holds her head up, moves around a lot, and is a big girl!

My half day consisted of meeting Michelle at the mall to get some much needed shopping done. I finally got the stuff for Hollis's Easter hat. I will post a picture later. We got a good bit done, I am proud of us... considering it was raining. We even got to have dinner with Courtney!! It was awesome to see her little baby bump! <3 I can't wait to meet baby Kosky!
two doting 'aunts' <3

This picture took a good while... haha. 

Friday was fun! Nap time was full of crafting. I got Hollis's hairbows made for her Easter basket (eggs fillers) and I made her Easter hat!
Then it was GAME TIME at OSU! Hollis and I rocked our Braves gear! 

This picture also took about 15 tries... Everytime the camera came up, she moved a hand! 

The Braves played Liberty at OSU's field. So much fun to watch. Well, we were down 4-0, Hollis needed to eat and I decided we would go to the car, eat, and go home. So... I was sitting and feeding Hollis waiting and waiting for people to come out. No one did. I just packed up everything and then headed out. As I drove away, I looked at the scoreboard and BAM... EXTRA INNINGS! What!? I was so sad. I was missing a great game. In the end the Braves lost, but I would have loved to see them putting up the fight! 

I have had a few questions about this hat. I got it at Buy Buy Baby ($7.00) and then I had the yellow bow (from Hobby Lobby pre-made) and I added the blue ribbon and baseball (Hobby Lobby as well- 0.99) to make it Brave appropriate! I added the ribbon around the collar of her onesie to make it Braves colors as well. She rocked it! :) When we got home (LATE) we did the nightly routine, and mommy packed for the weekend because we are going to the Ohio Valley to visit! 

Just our first road trip selfie! <3
Saturday started great. Hollis made it all the way to St. Clairsville before she started screaming to eat. We made it to dance. Whew. We said a quick hello then I went to feed her. Then, it was time to meet everyone!

Katie is beyond my favorite dancer ever! I met her when she was four. Can you believe my baby is going to be 17!!? It blows my mind. She is doing wonderfully and was Hollis's favorite too. She just sat there and looked at her. They were best friends immediately! <3 

Hollis meets Katie <3
Jordan is the first to hold Hollis :)

Jacie meets Hollis

She HAD to meet Miss Kim! Miss Kim teaches acrobat like mommy and gave her her first lesson! That deserves its own post!

Hollis meets Marina

Lucy and Hollis

Hollis and Adelaide (Adelaide was one of the names we had as an option for Hollis.. but ultimately, we can't name a child Adelaide...we have a dog, Adi. Beautiful name though) 

Katie, Hollis, and Monica (Katie's momma)

Miss Kristin loves Hollis! 

Miss Cheryl started it all! She doesn't hold babies, so Hollis is special. I am so blessed to have Cheryl in my life. She took me in at her studio when there were no other options, with open arms. She gave me a teaching job, and a friendship. I love her and can't wait for Hollis to come and take summer classes with Miss Cheryl! <3

We headed to PaPa's house (my grandfather) so Hollis will call him Big PaPa. (already created... I would have gone with JaJa like we called our great grandfather, but I procreated too late!)

Just getting my daily Mia Grace love <3

Big PaPa looking at Hollis (He kept telling her to 'cry louder he would give her a penny' a classic childhood memory for me!)

More Mia Love!

They had a moment. Haha!

Big PaPa and Hollis (in his spot on the couch)

Shocked he is actually smiling... (he always makes funny faces in pictures with me) and then my child decides to make the face and stick her tongue out! haha! 

Shirley came to meet Hollis too!

Zooey showing me her necklace. I have a ton of Zo-tron pictures, but they are all a blur.. she moves fast!

"sharing" (one day Hollis will be in on the mix!)

Just hanging out with PaPa <3

Hollis meets Aunt Kim :)

Hollis, Aunt Kim and Aunt Alissa <3

Hollis meets Jackie! (She was proud of our matching gold moccasins) 

Aunt Dena, Zooey and Hollis. Zooey wasn't interested. hehe. 

Papa, MiMi and Hollis <3 (After an outfit change for both Hollis and MiMi because Hollis exploded!)

We went to Aunt Alissa and Uncle Clayton's house for our very first SLEEPOVER! It went pretty well. We got a big girl bath with Mia, swaddled and rocked with Mia and Uncle Clayton, and then went to sleep with momma! 

Big Girl Bath (mommy's arms were on FIRE after this bath... Aunt Alissa washed me down!)

Just Rocking <3 

Who needs a sleeping bag when you have a swaddle sac and Rock and Play?

I woke up happy! It was a successful sleepover <3

Mia helped change my diaper when we woke up! 


I was so excited to take her to Grace Presbyterian Church. I love my church at home. Reverend Webster, the people, and the service. I just love it. Hollis wore her first pair of tights (trial run for Easter). I was worried she would be 'that baby' that cries. Well.. she fussed a little bit, but nothing too major. Grandma Carol rocked her and then Hollis fell asleep.
Snoozing on Grandma Carol <3

I love Mrs. Appenzellar. She always sat behind us my entire childhood. She is an amazing woman. So kind and blunt. Very funny. I am so glad that she made it to church to meet Hollis. She looks fabulous!

Lover of: children, teaching,  & her former Sunday School kids (me)
Hater of: photos, holding babies, germs, hugs/touching, me (for springing Hollis into her arms without any warning!) I love you Heather! <3

Rev. Webster meets Hollis- I can only hope that my daughter is led to Christ with the guidance of this man and other men in her life as I was. He is an amazing person who I know that I can always talk to. He dealt with all of us when we were growing up, and he still loves us so much to this day. <3 ((he married mommy and daddy too!))

After church, we headed to Grandma's house to meet Dale and catch up with Aunt Dawn, Blake and Rachael. After a quick change, feeding,we are off to meet Grandma's side of the family. 

Dale and Hollis

I was talking to Blake during my diaper change! We are friends. 

 Pretty girl<3
We drove out to my Aunt Darlene's house to meet some family from my mom's side of the family. We had lunch and a good visit. Hollis threw a fit when she was hungry. I think she was over-stimulated because she has NEVER refused to eat. So crazy! Here are a few pictures. I love when we get together. It is funny to see how we are all loud, outspoken, confident, and I think we are pretty funny. Hollis has some great genes. :)
Driving to Aunt Darlene's, Hollis held Rachael's finger the whole time and slept. So sweet! Look at that proud cousin face! 

She had the touch! <3

Grandma can't keep her eyes open! Classic! 
Teressa, Grandma Carol, Aunt Darlene, Aunt Marcia and Hollis

My cousin Amanda, her hubby and three boys were there too. No pictures... not sure why.. Next time! 

We came back to Aunt Alissa's to meet Courtney and Kaley. Courtney and Kaley are two girls (not little anymore) that my mom babysat and as I got older, I babysat them. Courtney is now 18 and Kaley 16. It makes me feel really old. They were my babies! I loved taking care of them. <3 I still do take care of them. haha. Hollis is going to love hanging out with them when she gets older. They are amazing young women and will set a wonderful example for her. I would be blessed to have her turn out like either of them. :)

Courtney <3

Kaley <3 (amazing shot of Hollis sticking her tongue out at KJ... totally fits KJ's sassy personality!)

.I love my babies. 

We had some Wen-Wu take out for dinner, got all packed up, and headed home. Hollis slept a little, cried a little, slept a little, cried a little. This went on for the entire 2.5 hour trip. It is ok. It was a bit frustrating at times, but not awful. When we got home, we got our bath, swaddled, and jumped into bed. We were sleepy. Daddy got a few snuggles in before we crashed.

I think that the weekend was very successful. I had anticipated a lot more chaos and tears from Hollis. The great thing about visiting people is they like to hold her! I didn't really get to snuggle with her very much and I think that she started to notice that toward Sunday night. She did a great job all in all, and I am proud of myself for making the trip solo. I know if John were there, it would have been even smoother. Next time! :) 

Thanks to everyone for meeting her and visiting with her! Hollis is blessed to have so many people love her. 


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