Tuesday, April 8, 2014

*Hollis's First Acro Class*

Like I said, when we visited Oglebay Institute (dance studio where I used to work) I knew that we were in for a fun day! Hollis loved to listen to the tap sounds. I am so glad... maybe she will be another tapper! (I loved tap and acro...not ballet so much) Miss Kim took her upstairs and Hollis got to try a few things for acrobat!

This could be one of my favorite pictures of Hollis. <3 She was ready to take on what Miss Kim had in store! Momma's girl!

Backhandspring? Let's try a back-bend first...

I love my tummy time. This made it 100 times more fun! Front handspring?

Just working it!

My first official chinstand! Mommy hated these, so you can excel at them if you want Hollis! 


Time to work on my balance! (could this outfit be any cuter?!)

Doing great... future olympian? nah... just acro!

This is not as fun as it looks. Hard work. Miss Kim makes you work! <3

Second favorite picture. The face! <3<3 I can rock a balance beam and pink ruffles!

I can only imagine the conversation. I am sure it was about working on her feet. :) 

Here is a quick video. I couldn't get it to turn the right way. Sorry.... turn your head. 

I have already started my research on dance studios in central Ohio. I am not looking for the most wins at a competition, I am looking for technique and ability. I will keep looking. I have a few that I have in the back of my head. Mommy and Me classes are close! I can taste it! :D


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