Wednesday, April 2, 2014

.One Month Check-Up.

We have been very happy with our choice of Powell Pediatrics. We like all the doctors we have met so far and the Christian values that they share. We went today for our one month check up. I knew she would be getting her shot today for Hepatitis. I didn't know how she would react or how I would react. John and I figured it couldn't be a cry any worse than the night she cried from reflux for four hours straight.

John is on spring break, so he got to come to the appointment too!
Aspen kept me company while mommy and daddy rushed around the house to pull it together and get to the appointment on time. We made it. No worries!

So, we saw Dr. Bomi again. We think we will do all our well visits with her to ensure she sees anything out of the ordinary and that we are consistent with doctors until at least one year. Anyway, we had a few questions. The first being the RASH on her entire face and head. It is just bad. I mean, her ears, are covered in bumps. Turns out it is just baby acne, and it is transient. No solutions other than photoshop. Lovely. Well, I did a bit of pinteresting, and found this. I will try it. :) 

We talked about the reflux, got a refill of Zantac, asked about transitioning to the bed or rock and play, congestion in the morning, and how much (if I give her a bottle) should I start out with. After all our questions were answered, it was time for the nurse to give her her shot. I didn't know what to really do, so, I just held her little hand and looked her in the eyes and talked to her. She cried for about 3 seconds, I picked her up and she stopped. John told her she is way tougher than me. I laughed because we always tell her she needs to be tough! When she is crying we tell her to be tough. haha. ((Neither of us can stand a whimpy kid...))

Bright eyes after the appointment just relaxing. :)  Stella made sure to give her boo-boo plenty of kisses! 

-Doctor Appointment Stats-
weight: 11 lbs
height: 21 inches

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