Monday, April 14, 2014

Six Week Follow Up... Yikes!

I can't lie. I was super nervous about my follow up appointment with my doctor. I haven't been brave enough to check out the situation down there... no desire to see that (especially if it is a hot mess!). So.. I left that up to the doctor! Hollis and I got there about 5 minutes early. Well, Hollis wanted nothing to do with being in her carseat ((she really doesn't appreciate it)) so she was out and looking around in her cute bow and outfit. Everyone loved her!

Just being a fuss in the waiting room... She looks calm here.. she was fussing!

So, back we go to scale. Errr... not excited about that. Sure did take off my shoes.. that counts! haha. I just laid Hollis on the chair that was next to the scale. Where else was I supposed to put her? The nurses loved her. So, got weighed and walked to the room. Back to the awful paper 'blanket', if you can call it that. The assistant was shocked at how alert and strong Hollis is. She said, "She isn't a typical 6 week newborn." John and I have thought this since she was about a week old. She is just so strong! Anyway, in came the doc. We had a conversation about birth control, exercise, nursing, and just googled over Hollis. She loved her baby announcement! She had seen her picture on Facebook already! I am waiting to get the pictures back so I can print it for her. It was part of my gift for her from the delivery. I can't wait to print it for her! I am excited to get back into working out. Before I got pregnant, I had been going to the gym (not as much as I should have... but I went!) so I want to get back into it. No one can predict the shape that will be left over after a pregnancy. It is a strange thing. I have a lot of work to do. I have a goal. I will keep you updated on my workouts and if they work.

Because Hollis was fussing, I was holding her. She was fine. It was kind of weird to be getting an exam and your baby is on your chest. It was also weird to be there and not be pregnant! So strange but amazing! As soon as the doctor left the room, Hollis lost her shit! She was screaming!!! She needed a diaper change AND fed. Good timing baby. So, I changed her, and then fed her. I felt bad for staying in the room, but when this girl needs to eat, she needs to eat!

Tips for your 6 Week Postpartum Check-Up:

1. Research birth control options so you can decide at the office to either schedule another appointment (for IUD etc) or so that it can be sent to the pharmacy.

2. Try to feed baby before you are there. Mine was sleeping so it wasn't possible, but if you can, I would. Could prevent a melt-down.

3. Don't be too nervous. I was so scared it would hurt. It was fine. No pain. Just like a normal checkup.

4. Make a list of questions you have. You don't see or contact your OBGYN often.. so get it all done while you are there.

5. Don't stress about the scale. I called at week 3 asking if I could work out. I got the go ahead at my appointment. (I guess I shouldn't rush things)

6. Talk to your doctor about the having sex again. He/She may have advice to make it at least somewhat enjoyable.

7. THANK YOUR DOCTOR! This person brought you safely through a SERIOUS body change and life event. I know some people don't think the doctor does much... only swoops in at the end, but I am so glad I have the doctor I have. She was consulted and knew exactly what was going on while I was in labor. (If she were sitting by my side the whole time, no one would be at the office... and that isn't fair to those patients. Trust me, I would be ticked if I had an appointment and she weren't there because someone was in labor!) My doc is encouraging, kind, and great at what she does. :)

Six weeks ago I gave birth. I am doing great. Feel great and my body is healing. My baby is growing, healthy, and loves to smile! :)


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