Sunday, May 25, 2014

.Hollis Parker Week Twelve.

Trying new things for tummy time, and Hollis decided that she would FLIP her entire Boppy over to where she is standing on her head. She did this multiple times. I got one on video. I will try to add later.

We had district semi-finals for baseball. We WON! It was a great game! :) The three coaches with their three babies. Hollis, Grayson, and Owen. Baseball friends.

After the game, we headed to visit GG and GP. GP is back from rehab from his hip surgery. Hollis showed them how she loves to stand and 'walk'. She really does put her feet one in front of the other with no help. We just hold her up.

Hollis was due in February... so I had a red heart headband made/cute outfit on hand. She didn't seem to think it was a good idea.

She actually SLEPT laying on the Boppy. I was shocked. (Yes I know, it says NO SLEEP)

I was playing around with her hair, and Hollis got new bows from Stella, so we decided to try a ponytail. And.. it worked! A little pony but still pretty cute/funny.
Rainy days around here consist of finding many things to keep us occupied inside. It can be tv, basement, and the plethora of different toys/places I can set Hollis. Tummy time is getting easier, but it is always a challenge to find things to do when Hollis is still so needy. We color, read, work on our letters. I need to head to Pinterest for more ideas.

Hollis got to wear her new outfit from our best friend Katie R. She looks great in it! <3 Thanks Katie and Monica!

Hollis found a new toy and she loves to hold it. She just grabs it and squishes it to make the crinkling sound. I like to tell myself she loves the colors and contrasts.
All that play makes a baby tired!

We went shopping and found a super cute pair of glasses.... and the toy that mommy has been searching for. (Long story short: found the monkey for car seat entertainment. It connects into another toy. Can't find the toy anywhere. Go to TJ Maxx and on the top shelf behind the kid books, there it is!!) I put it together as soon as I got home. 

Hollis got to play with it for a little bit before bed. She likes it! 

Stella learned to make a smiley face! My next plan is to work on her name more. She can verbally spell it, now we need to get to writing it!

Hollis was a big girl on her Boppy for tummy time. Look at that sweet face! :)

We visited daddy at school today (his last day) and took him lunch. Stella didn't want to leave and she had a bit of a fit. We regrouped and had fun.

District Baseball game was tonight against Olentangy Liberty. It was as Ohio Dominican (where John and I met). It has changed a lot.... but still had a lot of the charm from when we were there. It was a tough loss that night. The inner angry fan came out of me and I was yelling quite a bit. I am blessed that moms hold Hollis during the game. I could be an angry fan and not bring Hollis into it. Tough loss. Great season. Next year, Braves. Next year.

We headed home this morning to watch Courtney graduate. I was prepared with a bottle, sunscreen, and my camera. When we got there, Hollis wouldn't take her bottle, and I ended up at the top of the hill (it was in an ampitheater) She looked great and I am beyond proud of the young woman she has become. Smart, talented and so sweet. She is a great role model for Hollis.

After the ceremony, we went to lunch at our favorite spot: Greco's. They have an amazing pepperoni roll! Then we headed to Courtney's graduation party! What a cool party! Slushie machine, live band, cornhole, great food, and a photo booth. You heard that right! Hollis was a frequent flyer for the photo booth. She loved it! haha. The pictures we got were hilarious. Once again, CONGRATS Courtney! We love you!

It was a graduation weekend! Our family friend, Rebecca, had her graduation and party as well. Not only did we get to celebrate but we got chicken and ribs. When I say that, it is because it is my FAVORITE food. My dad has a spit, and makes the best chicken and ribs. Words can't describe it. I am trying to butter him up to have them at the first birthday party! :) ((wink wink dad... if you are reading!))

Monday, May 19, 2014

.Hollis Parker Week Eleven.

Tummy time has become a negative part of our day. Hollis just screams. I saw online to use the Boppy and set her in that to see if it helps... well it does! She loves it! She just laid there and looked around, then she fell asleep. She likes laying on her belly and sleeping... I am just happy she is enjoying tummy time a bit more. It was getting brutal. She loves the bouncer seat too! Stella was showing her how to KICK the hanging demonstration of course. :)

Since baby yoga isn't daily, we do a little bit when we wake up! Hollis loves it and she just smiles and makes noise when we stretch!

Today was a great day to PLAY! Hollis played on her tummy, on her back, and just laughed at the bubbles we blew for her. Stella played outside with her bubbles, we took a walk in the sunshine, and then both Stella and Hollis CRASHED! They both slept pretty soundly. Stella came out after napping for 3 hours, and fell asleep to us on the couch.

Taking selfies is way more fun with an infant! :)

Hollis has been waking up so smiley! She loves to hear my voice and just smiles. I try to catch it on the camera, but she just stops what she is doing as soon as she sees my phone!

She was a talking machine during tummy time today! The Boppy is really helping.

Rain, Rain, Go Away! It has been a rainy week and it doesn't seem as though it is going to let up. Stella got to go outside in the rain and play! She thought it was funny to play in the rain! hehe. Hollis slept during the rain. (who blames her?)

that piece of hair... makes me laugh every time!

After work, Hollis and I went shopping. I wanted to go try on some bathing suits and see if I could find any cute dresses for the upcoming graduations. I am NOT pleased with my body and really bummin' about the upcoming pool season. My body is just in a strange shape. I can't really describe it. I am going to try to find a high waisted bikini. One pieces are just not flattering... and I CAN NOT wear a two piece that isn't high waisted. It is proving to be more challenging then I thought. I did find a cute (ok... kind of creepy) little monkey to hang on Hollis's carseat. All the other toys are falling to the side, this one has a strap, so it works perfectly! SHE LOVES IT! It was hilarious to just watch her eyes get all big and just stare at it.

Well, it was a late night and Aspen has been a hot mess lately. (it is always the dogs.. never the baby) John woke me up because the Diet Coke I had in my diaper bag, exploded. So... he was kind enough to empty it and pack his diaper bag for the day so I could sleep. Whew! Thanks Daddy!!! Hollis woke up so happy and bright eyed. She is obviously a morning girl... mommy, not so much!

On the way to work, I hear her making all these sounds. I look back and she is talking to the monkey. It was so sweet. She still talks to him every time she sees him. Hilarious! Oh to know what she is saying!

We got to wear one of my favorite outfits today... complete with leg warmers. Adorable! She has her daddy's eyebrow and can just raise the one. I tried. I can't. She is looking more and more like daddy every day, too.

We went out to dinner. Whew! It is a guilty pleasure of mine to eat out. I love it. I love not cooking, not cleaning, and endless Diet Coke! Pathetic, but amazing. I would rather go out to eat than go shopping. And... we had great company! Aunt Jamie joined us! <3

Look how content she is in the morning. I enjoy rolling over and seeing this sweet sight. She is so precious. When I see this face, I immediately say my prayers and am so thankful to God for the little life He entrusted in our hands.

Today is wedding day for Stella and Kennedy! (flower girls) I gelled their nails and curled Stella's hair. I had to bribe her with chocolate, but it turned out adorable! I tried to get a good shot, but she wasn't having it after the long process (10 minutes...haha) of getting it done.

Hollis has been drooling and chewing for a few weeks. The drool is so excessive! Soaking her clothes. So... we have moved on to adding a bib to our outfits as well as a new Baltic Amber teething necklace. The doctor said she isn't teething... any 'seasoned' mother that I see says she is. So... what can it hurt. The Baltic Amber necklace is supposed to help with swelling of the gums and make life a bit more comfortable. It secretes an oil that is absorbed by the skin. I think it is adorable as well. She doesn't sleep in it for safety reasons.

So...the rained out baseball game was rescheduled for Friday. I meet Cheryl and we decided to drive together. We leave about 4:45, game starts at 5 but about 45 minutes away. We think we will get there at some point in the game, not a big deal. Now that we have the monkey, Hollis enjoys the car for the most part. So... we make it to the game. Pull into the spot and see a 'mass exodus' of people. Umpires, parents, etc. Thunder delay again? NO. The game was OVER! It lasted 37 minutes because they didn't play the whole game. The best part was John got to drive home with us. That makes the drive a lot less stressful. After her bath and night nursing, Hollis and I went to bed at 9pm. It was glorious!

So, bed at 9pm, up at 4:30 to eat, back to bed until 7:30, then I take a shower, and she falls BACK to sleep! AWESOME!!!!!!! I am so proud of her for knowing when mommy wants/needs to sleep. I felt a lot better today. Much more refreshed. While she slept, I finished the laundry and cleaned up a bit. Then, it was time to get moving to get to the make up game (end of a tie game that needed finished) by 10. Well... I pulled out of the driveway at 9:55a. Don't have gas, so I need to get that. I text Cheryl saying to keep me updated. She texts me at 10:03a (I just got to the gas station) that the game is over. WOW! We are batting a thousand on making it to baseball games lately. Next game is Monday. We are READY! :)
(this is a screenshot from a video that is why it is so fuzzy)

Since we didn't make it to the game, we met daddy for lunch at Panera and we went shopping for a new suit for daddy. He lost the pants to his one suit, and the other one (from our wedding) is gigantic. So... as he handed out a diploma at graduation, he looked very handsome. Hollis and I agree!

Daddy went to graduation, Hollis and mommy played. We sang, we played, we did the nighttime routine. It was nice because the dogs actually behaved for the most part. John and I decided we need to try to give Hollis a bottle every day so she gets used to it. We need to be able to leave her at some point.  Especially for daddy's Father's Day Gift! So... I need to pump and pump and pump. ((No one explains to you how to fit that into any type of schedule))
((She was smiling and laughing while I was singing... bring out the phone and BAM, she stops!)

Hollis took a bottle from mommy tonight. 4oz! She did wonderfully. She just kept staring at me. She knew it was different, but didn't seem to mind. It was weird for me to be giving her a bottle. I never thought in a million years I would breastfeed. Now that I do, it is strange to give her a bottle. She fell asleep in her Mommaroo too... I didn't get to rock her either. I am not handling these 'big girl' moments well.

At church we got to welcome Xander as he was dedicated. It was nice to watch and see what to expect when Hollis gets dedicated (date still undecided). We love the church we go to and the close knit family it has created. I am excited to get her dedicated at LHC and baptized at home with Rev. Webster at Grace.

Xander is a stud! <3
Hollis slept through the whole thing! Sweet girl <3

After church we headed to Xander's house to celebrate, say congrats, and happy birthday to his big sister! We then headed to Tim's graduation party! John has been coaching Tim for years and he is a graduate! I am always so proud of the boys. High school is tricky... and add baseball on top of it.. yeesh! Way to go 2014 Braves Grads!
Hanging out at Xander's for the party!

Tim holding Hollis! :) 
We were in the car a LOT. I am so thankful for that monkey! haha. She kept talking to him and entertaining herself. I did a bit of entertaining, but the monkey is on point! 

We are almost 3 months old! Mommy is in denial. Hollis is loving life. Daddy is excited for summer to come and spend more time with his girls! <3