Friday, May 2, 2014

*Egg-cellent Easter Fun*

Just a QUICK run down of the fun festivities we did for Hollis for her FIRST Easter! Friday: we dyed Easter Eggs before Friday fire with Aunt Jamie! I even sat in my bumbo all by myself! Big Girl! We went to church and loved every minute. Hollis does great in church and we love our church family. (Our first service at Liberty Hill was on we make it a point to stay home to attend that holiday yearly.) After church, we went to Aunt Tiff and Uncle Pete's house to celebrate with the Edmonds' side of the family. There are 11 grandkids and one on the way. Add 10 adults and it is officially a LARGE party! The food was delicious (as always) and the kids were adorable. They had an Easter Egg Hunt. Hollis and daddy hunted for eggs. We found two! (hehe) If only jelly beans were appropriate for a baby. When we headed home, we were able to get our Easter Basket hunt done! Daddy read me all the clues, and mommy followed with a camera! We finally found the basket in my nursery! <3 Here are some pictures:
Spring Dress and Sitting!

Egg Dying<3

I am already a professional! (and I know my rainbow order)

AWFUL picture of Hollis... but Xander is adorable, and they both looked amazing in their Easter outfits. They will be best friends! <3

Just listening to daddy sing to me. 

I love Miss Laura! 

Hott mess family picture! HAHA! 

Aunt Christie and Aunt Stephanie :) 

Sophie wanted to hold me SO bad.. every time she did... I made sure to cry. She was a trooper. 

First EGG Hunt! Daddy found me a pink one!

He put it in my baby bunny pocket! hehe. 

Crimson and I played. 

Then she took pictures with Mommy. 

Then Everett joined in the pocket fun!

Atherton and I had a deep conversation. He is a sweet boy!

Just chillin' with a clue, trying to find my basket!

One clue was in the bath tub. I LOVE my bath time. 

In the guest room. :) 

YAY! We found it! <3 

I was skeptical. I liked the story book. Mommy and daddy read it to me. What a great story! You should read it sometime! ;) 

My First Easter was a success! (HE is RISEN indeed!)
These were the clues. I used punch out eggs and just regular white paper. I will keep the eggs for next year's clues. The rest of the eggs are in a garland I hung on the mantle. 

Happy Easter! God loves you so much! You should always smile about that! 

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