Tuesday, May 13, 2014

.Hollis Parker Week Eight.

It was a gorgeous day outside. The weather was amazing. We took a walk to the end of the driveway and back (the driveway is about .75 of a mile...) I got a glimpse of what my summer will look like! Stella leading the way, Hudson 200 feet ahead on the scooter, and random stops to pick flowers. Stella insisted on pushing Hollis. She did pretty good. Then, almost crashed! haha. Hollis loved the fresh air.

flower picking

After work, I went to Easton to meet Jeremiah, Dena and Zooey. They were passing through and had a gift for Hollis. It is a beautiful quilt!! I love it and can't wait to take it outside and have picnics, play, etc. when the rain dries up. Thank you Dena (and Zooey)! Pictures to come.

This does it no justice. The colors are amazing! 

On Tuesday I got to meet up with Jen, a friend from high school at Lattes and Lollipops. It was great. Hollis slept the whole time. Baby Luciano was so smiley and adorable. He is going to be a heartbreaker! We got to talk about new mommy frustrations, excitements, etc. It was great. Stella had a BLAST playing!

Hollis sleeping through the play date... classic!

I love this outfit on Hollis. The stripes are just adorable. I don't know what it is, but this kid can poop sideways and ruin any outfit! Her diapers are the right size... so she is just really good at pooping! At least we have a new washing machine to take care of this issue!

Happy as a clam after her outfit change! hehe.

I have always had to use a nipple shield to feed Hollis. Well, I try to feed her without sometimes, and today... she ate without?! Both sides... it was crazy. She didn't do that later in the day. It was a one time deal. I will keep trying.

We tried our first bottle tonight! At first, it was a struggle. I have read that mommy shouldn't be around because they can smell you and want your milk. Well.. it was my milk, just in a bottle. So, John tried, and she just screamed!!! So... I took her, tried to give it to her, and as soon as she started eating, gave her back to John. He loved it! We only did an ounce as a trial. More bottles to come if I can get this pumping schedule regulated...

This picture is special because this was my FAVORITE book! I loved it so much when I was a kid. My mom gave it to me at my baby shower. I love reading it to Hollis.


Hollis doesn't do regular baby things. She likes to stand.  I have her just hold my fingers and she will just stand there.

She has been having a lot of fun playing with different toys on the play mat.

The Braves played again. Stella joined us at the game. Stella watched the game and even sang through the net (Itsy Bitsy Spider). It was adorable to watch her watch the boys. They all give her a high five when they are on deck. Again... amazing gentlemen. Stella realized the concession stand had food. Well Uncle Tyler's mom was working the concession stand and Stella was able to get free candy and a Gatorade out of them! Then she started to help selling. I'd buy anything from that smile!

Hollis got to wear her "Hey Batter Batter" shirt! Baseball games are fashionable.
After baseball games, we tend to fall asleep easily at our house. The fresh air really makes us sleepy!

Well, back to colder weather. So much for fresh air. Stella wanted to go out, I told her it was cold, and this is what she came back into the room with. Hat, scarf, boots, the works!

During nap, Jamie and I helped Karmon clean out one room before the big remodel happens. I was able to get some super cute things for Hollis! :) More shoes... hehe. ((don't tell John))

After all our hard work, Jamie and I met Tyler and John at dinner at Mi Cerrito. My FAVORITE Mexican restaurant. Delicious. It is fairly priced and so good. We had a blast just standing and talking and joking. We are blessed to have such amazing friends. Tyler even held Hollis and soothed her while John and I got to eat a meal!

Someone was happy it is Friday! I agree with her! I love my job, but the weekends are so much fun just being a family of three. I love to just hang out with her and do fun things!

Stella has a HUGE crush on Drew Batt. He is a player on John's baseball team. She yells for him at games, knows his number (5) and swoons when he talks to her. She wanted to give him some of her Easter candy. So we packed it up in a baggie and she drew him a picture! :)

Another successful Friday Fire! Aunt Wendy had the day off, so she came too! The boys (John and Tyler) worked on the fire-pit. They made it higher so the heat actually warms the people. Funny to watch them play in the sand like two little kids! We had some bbq pizza to eat. Yum! Cheryl and John (Tyler's parents) joined too! It was fun to just sit and talk. Whew. Relaxing.

We had a double header in Pickerington. That is quite the drive, but we had fun! We watched both games and grandma Feasel held Hollis. She slept the whole time! (other than when I was feeding her in the car) It was crazy. She continued to sleep... and sleep... and sleep. I think someone is growing!

WE GOT A SWINGSET!!!! An amazing family on the baseball team, the Helbers, gave us their swing set! I am so excited. How kind of them! Shout out to them for being awesome! So... we had to move it. We borrowed the Dorsey's truck and trailer and Uncle Tyler, Papi, Gram, Aunt Jamie, daddy and mommy all moved it. It isn't small. We had a lot of chiefs... and we all know that mommy is the chief! It made it to our yard without falling off the truck. There were some really funny moments that made the stress of the process seem insignificant. Hollis took a test swing as soon as it was secure! Thank you everyone who helped and to the Helbers. I can't wait to re-stain it and do some painting! :)

daddy may have dropped this... hehe oops! Sorry to Uncle Tyler's back! ;) 

 Working Hard! Uncle Tyler and Aunt Jamie did a lot! Thank you, Thank You! :) 
Relaxing... Uncle Tyler fed Hollis her second bottle! Big girl! <3

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