Wednesday, May 14, 2014

.Hollis Parker Week Nine.

Hollis was looking beautiful in her pink outfit from the George family. Seva loves elephants and Hollis got to sport one! She looked so sweet in the light pink.
The baseball game got cancelled. I had BIG plans to go to the gym... I am curious as to how the childcare would be. I just wanted to tan. haha. I chickened out. I will take her eventually.

We found daddy's Father's Day present! I am so excited to give it to him. We got him tickets to the Indians vs. Yankees in Cleveland. I hope that Jeter plays so daddy can see him before he retires! I am going to add some fun things too... but this was a BIG chunk!

I got my birth photos!!! I am so excited and love them. I am a bit disturbed at how large my double chin was... but I can deal. The pictures are priceless and beautiful! I will create a whole post of just pictures from the birth. Here is a beautiful teaser! I created a book online of the birth. I can't wait to see it in person!

No baseball gave us the chance to take a family walk! I loved the pink so much, I had her wear pink again. She liked the walk. The dogs appreciated the walk too. It was a struggle, but worth it.

I switched it up to BLUE! How cute. And she does love her mommy. <3 She was full of energy.

Stella has a new friend.... Tyler. She still loves Drew Batt, but Tyler the fireman is high on her list. He has been added to the prayer list at nap time and she drew him a few pictures for his locker at work!

Whew! Look at this bed head! I try to get it to stay down to no avail. It was bad this morning! haha.
Stella was rocking HEAD TO TOE pink today. Even her new moccs matched!

Someone is TWO MONTHS old! I can't believe it. She is becoming quite the drooler. Ew.
To the doctor we go. We had a blow out on the way there. Yeesh. Then... we had to get three vaccines... two shots. She handled them pretty well. Only cried for a few seconds. She grew 2.5 inches and 13 oz. The doctor said her head is 'generous'. We knew she would have a big head... runs in both our families!

Today starts the weekend sleepover of Stella! Mom and dad went to Cabo, so Stella is staying with us. She was so excited to take a bath with baby Hollis Parker. (She only calls her 'baby Hollis Parker" nothing else will do... she will correct you!)

Stella shared our bed. Wow. It was interesting. She moved a TON! I moved her, she would move into a new position. Funny stuff. I am good without a kid in my bed. <3

The Boppy has become quite the comfy spot! Hollis loves to hang out, Stella loves it, Hudson always has it around him. It is funny.

We went to the baseball game. Stella got to see her friend Tyler. They both ate fruit roll ups. Stella got to see Papi and he brought her a tennis ball to keep her entertained! So much fun!

Friday fire got a late start. But... I did get to enjoy delicious deer steak thanks to Tyler! Yum! We all love the family that we have created. I love everyone who comes to Friday Fire. It is just fun to relax.
I suggest you join one Friday. I can't wait for Jamie and I to make our sweet sweatshirts. <3

Saturday started off with a bang. Stella didn't want to go to baseball... or have Jamie touch anything, or do anything. She was having a fit. She has fits. I usually ignore. She apologizes after. Once they start, it is hard to stop. Needless to say, we finally made it to the baseball game and she was fine and had fun.

After the game, my best friend, Natalie, was having people over at her new house in German Village to celebrate Mike's birthday. She JUST moved back to Ohio from NYC and I couldn't be more excited! She hasn't met Hollis, so John stayed with Stella, and I went to visit Natalie and Mike and they got to meet Hollis. It was so great to see them together. Two of my favorite people.
with Vinny <3

<3best friend meets daughter<3
When I got home, I tried to get a good picture of Hollis on the quilt. She was being sassy... so they didn't turn out great. I will try again.

Sunday started out great. We had our pretty dresses on for church, and then... we went to church. Stella had a meltdown, so we had to leave. On our way out.. she was dangling from my arms yelling, "I need baby Jesus!"

Don't Fret.. this was poop covered as soon as we got to church... never fails. 

We had a better afternoon. We went to Stella's house to take our nap, got to see the siblings, then headed home to take one more bath with Hollis! We had some reading time before bed too. Hollis and Stella listened to John read the Story of Easter. :)

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  1. I love the "I need baby Jesus" story.....Oh Stella!