Friday, May 2, 2014

.Hollis Parker Week Seven.

Stella found some binoculars... thought seeing baby Hollis up close was hilarious!!! 

We were running out of fun clothes for the baseball games... and mommy had some onesies set aside to get screen printed on. Well, we finally made the trek to Egglehoff's in Lewis Center to get some shirts made! This is just one of the three we had made. Hollis filled her pants, of course, so I had to change her on a random table while my shirts were made! I even got myself a super cute sweatshirt and a shirt made. I was running low too. hehe. 

Well, we got to the game and it was raining. yuck! Why do baseball and Ohio rainy season coincide? We hung out under the concession stand awning, then we ended up in the concession stand with some moms. When Hollis was being held, their players made HUGE hits! The game was great. It ended up being tied, and called on lack of light. So.. we will make that up at the end of the year. I think it had everything to do with our new shirts! :) 

Well, Ohio is a bit finicky. We had SNOW! Seriously? So... Hollis got to wear one of her super cute outfits that was snow themed!
Stella came to our house because the washing machine guy came back to help get the washer to work. It is getting a bit crazy with no washer. Laundry piling up tends to stress both John and I out! Stella found Hollis's books in the living room. We try to read them to Hollis when we rock with her. Stella LOVED them. She loves to look at books and these were new! 

We did a little bit of tummy time. Hollis isn't the biggest fan. But, she can lift her head up, turn it from side to side, and she pushes up on her hands. The crazy thing is what she does with her legs. She is ready to MOVE! She bend them under her and kicks them out. It is strange to see a baby so young do it. Adi decided she wanted to get in on the action and came to lay by Hollis. She got pretty close, but didn't lay ON her or hit her by accident. It was adorable. 
-little penguin butt-

Hollis rocked her Mud Pie zebra outfit! She looked rather fancy! So many ruffles. When you added the socks, it was like 3 inches of ruffle! It was adorable! The outfit didn't last very long because we were going to play princesses with Stella! 
 Aunt Donna bought Hollis a Cinderella dress. She looks great in blue! haha. Stella was Sofia the first. They had many 'princess' talks. Hollis was interested. Stella also told her she loved her THIS MUCH, with her arms stretched out! Adorable. :)

 Getting a photo of both looking semi my way, not easy!
Pretty Cinderella! <3

 Another baseball game! This amazing outfit was from Old Navy (it is sweatshirt material... I added a long sleeve underneath) and we had BRAVES screen printed on when we made our shirts. It is an amazing outfit. So cute! Let's Go BRAVES! (Hollis is officially the cutest fan.)

I have had the goal of working out for a while. I needed to find something. The Dorsey's have Apple TV, so I can use youtube on the tv. Jamie told me about AMAZING! She has a calendar and it links to specific websites! Everyone napped, so I looked it up and did my first post baby workout. It was pretty good. I liked that she talked as though she was just chatting and not instructing me.
I mean.. she was born to shine! :) So sweet and the H&M Clip is PERFECT!

-workout collage-

We had a TEAM DINNER at the Helber's house. It was fabulous! John and I decided we should attend and we took Hollis to her first dinner party. She wore a super cute dress. (no wonderful pictures). It was great to see the boys off the field enjoying each other, having fun, and relaxing. They are all gentlemen and love Hollis. They ask to hold her all the time. Come and get em' girls! hehe. When we were there, the hosting family asked us if we would be interested in taking their Rainbow Swingset. They said we could have it for free if we hauled it away. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I know how great it will look when John cleans it and stuff. I will post about it later. I am sure the 'hauling' will be hilarious! 
Just being held by Aaron. :) The boys love me! <3

The Braves played again. We made it to the game, cried a bit, hung out a bit, and then it was time for our FIRST EVER FIRE FRIDAY!!!!! It is officially part of my 'start a new tradition' bucket list. We have an awesome patio and fire pit.. I want to use it. We invited our friends over and Hollis got to have her first fire! We did a few Easter things as well. Aunt Jamie and Uncle Tyler are awesome at helping mommy and daddy. The boys have big plans for the fire pit. hehe. Mommy and Jamie have big plans for Easter fun! Here are a few pictures from the fun! (Easter pics will be posted on the Easter post) If you are ever in the area, and want to come to Fire Friday, just let me know. I will be sure to have enough food for you!

I have no idea where she gets her huge head... haha. I mean.. huge!  I got my big head from my daddy! 

Just playing while the food cooks and everyone eats. 

After my bath, I had to have a specific outfit and bow to match! hehe. First day of a new tradition. Hollis was snug as a bug in her rock and play. She just snoozed!

-Friday Fire- (Come Join Us!)

Hollis had a great time. 

Fire Fridays are exhausting. It was a late morning. Aunt Jamie and Mommy switched all the newborn clothes out of the nursery. 0-3 already!? It is a bit much to take, but we were able to get out the 3-6 and hang them all up so they are ready! It was exciting to see some of those outfits!

Adi didn't help. More of a hinderance. 

Late at night, when Hollis and John were passed out, I made a scavenger hunt for Hollis to find her Easter basket. I hope this becomes a tradition as well. I have big plans! hehe. I got it all ready, everything for church and the day ready, so all I would have to do is get ready and leave. If only life were that easy! Check out some pictures!
.out cold. 

Hollis's Easter Outfit ready to go! I love it. 

This is the first clue in the scavenger hunt! I put them in places that she plays. See Easter post for more info/pictures. 

And... it is hidden! 

Happy Easter! He is RISEN! 
Hollis woke up, then daddy put her in the pack and play and she fell asleep watching the owl mobile. How sweet! <3 Easter present to mommy! 

Daddy turned Hollis' Bible to the Easter story and took a great picture. <3

The Edmonds Family is ready for church! <3 ((Yes... the purple family...planned and perfect!))
**On a side note: We accidentally left the hat at home and John saw my sadness in the rear view mirror. He was daddy and hubby of the year because he went home to get it. I love him.**

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