Thursday, May 1, 2014

.Hollis Parker Week Six.

We had a SUPER busy weekend. We were all tired. Hollis stayed in her jams (pajamas) all day. She didn't seem to mind. It was also grandma Carol's birthday! We sent her some birthday love!
We got our last meal from the meal train from the wonderful Alonso family. I even got to hang out for a bit with Melissa and the handsome Xander. The girls went downstairs to play with the other girls! The Alonso's got Hollis an amazing book! It is special to her name. As the book progresses, it spells out her NAME! It is so adorable. We were all in bed by 9:45. Sleepy. Sleepy. Sleepy.

Today, Sofia the First joined us as we played with the play yard in our fancy dress for the day! I love to try and hit the lion on the play yard! He rattles. I got to wear a beautiful H&M dress. I look so good in color! Mommy was finally able to get me to participate in my one month photos. I smiled a bit, then got really wiggly. Of course, as soon as mommy got me all dressed, background laid out, etc. she turned on the camera. NO BATTERY! Well, where is the charger?! MISSING! Not good. We are still on the hunt for it.
Sofia with a hott mess of hair!

eye contact: Hollis specialty!

Playing babies! <3

lion-->my favorite!

Fancy dress, fancy bow, fancy shoes!


GO BATT! :) (Stella has a bit of a crush on #5)

Hollis hangs out with Cheryl in the concession stand! 

Post game photo op! <3

Someone got her birth certificate in the mail! She is legit now! 

Six weeks post-partum! Headed to the doctor!

we meet again lion!

Braves baseball is always fun! Stella loves to watch! Go Braves! 

I just love love love this romper! It was a bit snug (not why she is crying) so I decided to retire it to the too small bin. But, I had to get a picture of her in it. I just love it! 

This is a burp cloth. Well... Alissa and Mia came to visit, so we spent some time at the Dorsey's so Stella and Mia could play! I was sitting in the living room, I smell something burning, and BAM! I walk into the kitchen and this caught on fire on a candle! Yikes! 

Mia and Stella were funny. They talk about each other all the time... then when the time came to play, they weren't feeling it. They were cordial to each other. 

They did play on the trampoline together! it was funny to watch them bounce and fall. hehe. 

Alissa, Mia, Hollis and I headed to the mall. I had a big list of things that needed accomplished. It didn't go very well. I felt like a nut walking around, screaming kid.... kid who needs to potty.... having to nurse Hollis. Hot mess! Hollis would scream and Mia had to use the potty. CONSTANT cycle. Nothing was accomplished! Nothing!

We got to hear Vera sing at church on Sunday. She sang beautifully! It was great to see the young girl be so active! Way to go Vera!! :) 

Hollis did the usual sleep during church deal! She does a great job in church and everyone loves to hold her! :) She got to wear a dress without tights too! The weather was nice enough. Whew!

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