Saturday, May 17, 2014

.Hollis Parker Week Ten.

Well... Monday was definitely a Monday. Stella woke up and was a pistol from the get go. She had a meltdown that lasted from 8-8:45am. I was supposed to be at work to watch her older brother at 8:30. Needless to say, that didn't happen.. thank goodness for their cousin Lexi. Highlights of the meltdown: "No Lexi, I naked!" (put your clothes on) "No, I not put my clothes on!" and I may have put her out of the car (she wouldn't get in her seat) in the road (small, no traffic neighborhood--I am not that crazy!) and she was running screaming butt naked. It randomly stopped. She was fine, got in the seat, and we were on our way. She continued to apologize all day.

I got my birth book!!!! I am so excited. It turned out amazing. John found two typing errors... ugh! Thanks John! haha.

Hollis was happy to just relax and be back on her schedule Monday night. She appreciated the peace.

I love hand me down clothes! How cute is this little outfit! <3
On a side note: the hair is uncontrollable.. I try... it just sticks right back up! haha.

Hollis and I made our Mother's Day gifts for our grandmas. I made brag books of her newborn pictures and we put her footprints in the shape of a heart on the inside cover. They turned out great! I was skeptical on what to use, but I ended up using a Crayola washable marker, colored the bottom of her foot, then stuck it on there!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day outside. We went outside to see the baby chickens, ride our bikes, and Hollis and I rode the EZ Roller. (kind of an updated version of the turtles at the old skate rink parties!). Hollis loves to be outside. Whew! That is good because summer is quickly approaching. Look at her intently watching Stella!
big chickens... babies are in a different coop!

"I want to be a big girl too mom!"-Hollis <3

Happy baby... ready for warm weather to stay! 
Another beautiful day full of playing outside, new toys inside, and sunshine! Hollis learned to kick her toy to make it play music and bubbles. She catches on to things pretty quickly. I am in trouble! hehe.

We love to play and are working on a pretty good schedule during the day. Eat, play, sleep. Eat, play, sleep. Repeat several times!

Hollis got to wear one of her Easter basket items! This warm weather is amazing!

We went to daddy's baseball game in Delaware! Daddy vs. hometown! It was a super sunny day. We are truly the Brave's #1 Fan! (Found this on Zulily... perfect!) I remembered the sunscreen this time!

We traveled to New Albany for some baseball on their new field. We got to wear our JEAN SHORTS! (not easy to find cute jean shorts for an infant... FYI) It was sunny again, so Hollis wore her fun hat from Aunt Tiff, Uncle Pete and the girls.

Funny thing happened... Hollis was standing on my legs, I was talking to a parent, and I turn around to look at Hollis and her shorts are around her ankle! haha!

SENIOR NIGHT FOR THE BRAVES! We have known these boys their entire baseball career. It is cool to see them graduate. Hollis wore her pretty dress for the occasion. She even got to take a picture with the whole team! She is definitely out of your league. ;) The boys just love her. They play with her all the time after games. It is super sweet to watch.

Friday Fire was fun because Adam and Michelle joined us! Adam finally met Hollis and we had a great time just relaxing. I can't wait for the twins to meet her! It is going to be so cute!

Baby Yoga Day!
I signed up for a mommy and me yoga class at Lattes and Lollipops. It was so much fun. Hollis was the only girl baby. I was nervous she would cry, but she just laid there.. smiling. Then came the tough stuff. I was working hard! The move of the day, squats holding Hollis straight out in front of me. (I may or may not have been able to sit easily the following TWO days) It was really fun and she loves to do the yoga stretches. I try every day.

After the class, we headed to the baseball game, but it got rained out. So... we got to come home and relax a bit!

My FIRST Mother's Day! I was showered with loving messages on my Facebook, gifted and recognized at church, and got to spend the day with the little who made me a mommy. It is surreal to still process the fact that I am, and will always be, a MOM! We went to church, went to visit Gram and Papi (and we got to see Steph and the kids), then we went to Jared. I really really want an aquamarine ring to wear in honor of Hollis' birth month. We didn't have much luck finding one at a reasonable price. So we went to Costco and then to Babies R Us to finish off the day! Thank you to everyone who made the day so special. <3


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