Sunday, May 25, 2014

.Hollis Parker Week Twelve.

Trying new things for tummy time, and Hollis decided that she would FLIP her entire Boppy over to where she is standing on her head. She did this multiple times. I got one on video. I will try to add later.

We had district semi-finals for baseball. We WON! It was a great game! :) The three coaches with their three babies. Hollis, Grayson, and Owen. Baseball friends.

After the game, we headed to visit GG and GP. GP is back from rehab from his hip surgery. Hollis showed them how she loves to stand and 'walk'. She really does put her feet one in front of the other with no help. We just hold her up.

Hollis was due in February... so I had a red heart headband made/cute outfit on hand. She didn't seem to think it was a good idea.

She actually SLEPT laying on the Boppy. I was shocked. (Yes I know, it says NO SLEEP)

I was playing around with her hair, and Hollis got new bows from Stella, so we decided to try a ponytail. And.. it worked! A little pony but still pretty cute/funny.
Rainy days around here consist of finding many things to keep us occupied inside. It can be tv, basement, and the plethora of different toys/places I can set Hollis. Tummy time is getting easier, but it is always a challenge to find things to do when Hollis is still so needy. We color, read, work on our letters. I need to head to Pinterest for more ideas.

Hollis got to wear her new outfit from our best friend Katie R. She looks great in it! <3 Thanks Katie and Monica!

Hollis found a new toy and she loves to hold it. She just grabs it and squishes it to make the crinkling sound. I like to tell myself she loves the colors and contrasts.
All that play makes a baby tired!

We went shopping and found a super cute pair of glasses.... and the toy that mommy has been searching for. (Long story short: found the monkey for car seat entertainment. It connects into another toy. Can't find the toy anywhere. Go to TJ Maxx and on the top shelf behind the kid books, there it is!!) I put it together as soon as I got home. 

Hollis got to play with it for a little bit before bed. She likes it! 

Stella learned to make a smiley face! My next plan is to work on her name more. She can verbally spell it, now we need to get to writing it!

Hollis was a big girl on her Boppy for tummy time. Look at that sweet face! :)

We visited daddy at school today (his last day) and took him lunch. Stella didn't want to leave and she had a bit of a fit. We regrouped and had fun.

District Baseball game was tonight against Olentangy Liberty. It was as Ohio Dominican (where John and I met). It has changed a lot.... but still had a lot of the charm from when we were there. It was a tough loss that night. The inner angry fan came out of me and I was yelling quite a bit. I am blessed that moms hold Hollis during the game. I could be an angry fan and not bring Hollis into it. Tough loss. Great season. Next year, Braves. Next year.

We headed home this morning to watch Courtney graduate. I was prepared with a bottle, sunscreen, and my camera. When we got there, Hollis wouldn't take her bottle, and I ended up at the top of the hill (it was in an ampitheater) She looked great and I am beyond proud of the young woman she has become. Smart, talented and so sweet. She is a great role model for Hollis.

After the ceremony, we went to lunch at our favorite spot: Greco's. They have an amazing pepperoni roll! Then we headed to Courtney's graduation party! What a cool party! Slushie machine, live band, cornhole, great food, and a photo booth. You heard that right! Hollis was a frequent flyer for the photo booth. She loved it! haha. The pictures we got were hilarious. Once again, CONGRATS Courtney! We love you!

It was a graduation weekend! Our family friend, Rebecca, had her graduation and party as well. Not only did we get to celebrate but we got chicken and ribs. When I say that, it is because it is my FAVORITE food. My dad has a spit, and makes the best chicken and ribs. Words can't describe it. I am trying to butter him up to have them at the first birthday party! :) ((wink wink dad... if you are reading!))

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