Sunday, June 1, 2014

.Hollis Parker Week Thirteen.

We spent our memorial day first shopping at Meijer for a fun little baby pool for Hollis. Aunt Jamie and I went while daddy stayed home. This was the first time I have left her. I am her source of food... but we had a bottle, so I was ready to get out! Jamie and I enjoyed lunch (with one call from dad with a screaming Hollis in the background) and then we shopped at Meijer. We found the CUTEST pink pool (it matches her bathing suit) and a bigger pool for all of us. We looked like complete trash just chilling in the backyard with our big blow up pool! Hollis enjoyed the day as she laid in the pool and then laid in the shade.

Stella hates getting her hair done. Well, she loves to have it braided! Look how amazing it looks!

Hollis was beyond exhausted today. She just hung out and then she passed out on my lap.

The zoo opened the new Heart of Africa 'land'. We made it to the zoo (John came along) with all the kids. We limited ourselves to just two 'lands'. It was so much fun and the new part is amazing. I can't wait to go back and feed the giraffes and ride the camel! Hollis did great. She loved to look around and even took a bottle while the other kids played on an iceberg.

That night, we had the Braves Baseball Banquet! We got all gussied up and had a fun time cheering on the boys as they were recognized for the great season. Hollis got to see Owen, got new sunglasses, and held by everyone but mommy.

Today, Hollis wore some leggings. How cute are those thighs!

After work, we went to Tanuki (a hibachi) to eat dinner. I love going out to dinner. I always say if I won the lottery, I would eat out or have delivery for dinner every night. Hollis LOVED to watch the chef cook. It was funny to watch her eyes get HUGE when she saw the fire. She loved to sit and play with her toy when we got home. She had a whole range of emotions... haha.

After her bath, we put Hollis in her crib to hang out. She has found a new love, her blankie. Well, she was playing, trying to roll over, and she fell asleep. I literally sat in the rocking chair across the room and wept. WHY am I being such a weeping mess about this transition? Goodness. I need her to consistently sleep through the night... So I tell myself.
She woke up... so I nursed and swaddled her and put her beside me! hehe.

Tummy time is getting to be more fun. Hollis can hold her head up for a while, so it is fun to watch her expressions!

Saturday was SUPER busy. We drove back to the valley with our great friends Michelle and Zoey. As soon as we got home (with a bit of crying in those hours) I jumped in the car with Alissa to head to Ikea in Pittsburgh. We picked up Aunt Joey at the airport, then headed to Ikea to shop. I love that store. I appreciate the organization, low prices, and that Tiffany and Tara live so close. They came and shopped with us! We took advantage of a carpet square for photo ops! :) After we shopped until we dropped, we had dinner with the Cwalinski family at Olive Garden. I hadn't had it since red sauce caused my heartburn when pregnant. It was delicious!

Hollis usually gets a bath every night. But, we got a bath this morning with Mia. Hollis has been screaming with baths, so when she just laid back in the bath as I held her, it was funny to witness!

We went to church and Hollis was so well behaved! She just sat and listened.

Kim is getting married! We got to go to her bridal shower. It was so nice. Hollis slept. (not complaining) After the shower, we headed home. It was a much better ride home than the way into the valley. It was a quick but eventful weekend. <3

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