Sunday, June 15, 2014

.Hollis Parker Week Fifteen.

Well... Hollis is officially 100 days old! I can't believe it. It seems so crazy that she has been here that long already! This morning, she had a fun staring contest with her frog. She rarely blinks, so I think it was a draw!

We played the Three Little Pigs and the wolf ears traveled between me, Stella and Hollis. It is amazing to hear Stella yell, "NO! NOT BY THE HAIR ON MY CHINNY CHIN CHIN!" She makes a ferocious wolf too!
I am part of a breastfeeding Facebook group that is BEYOND helpful. They usually answer any question, concern, or random fact check as soon as possible. It is amazing! Well, there have been many posts about The Wonder Weeks. So I did a little research and it is about the development/growth of your child's mind. Each person takes LEAPS, and these leaps vary as to what they produce (brain function wise) and they also last a various amount of time. I currently just have the app and read the sample of the book. I plan to get it as soon as I can.

Hollis took an amazing nap! I got to actually read! :) Thank you baby girl! 
toes out just like mommy

Mia's birthday is this weekend! I need to try a recipe for a new icing (same cake she always has). I wanted to do a very light lemon flavor. Then, pipe it on as grass. (Wilton tip 233 in case you were wondering) I did about 5 and I was over it. It was late, etc. I went to bed. PS-they tasted great!

Today we went to our visit with the lactation consultant to make sure we were getting enough milk. Remember, she wasn't gaining weight, so we are now nursing on both sides each feeding. So.. we went to the visit and the woman was so nice. She weighed Hollis, I nursed, she weighed, I nursed, she weighed. It was a relief when she said that she is fine and gets plenty of milk when she nurses on both sides. Whew!

After our visit to the doctor, we headed to some stores. I was in search of a bathing suit.. not easy and super frustrating. That is a whole post in itself. We stopped at Once Upon a Child again, I looked in the size 2 bin for the boots, and BAM! There they were! I was so excited I was jumping up and down! I mean... red boots and they look like they had NEVER been worn! Happy momma. While we were there, we got Stella a little surprise... some tap shoes! I am pretty particular about dance shoes I purchase, new or second hand. I can't wait to see her reaction!

I was going to wait to give Stella her tap shoes until later, but I just couldn't wait. I was so excited! So, I had her come over and see her surprise. I had them in the bag from the store. She was guessing it was a new baby. I told her it was something even better! She pulled them out and yelled, "TAP SHOES!" I asked if she was going to tap and she said "WIF YOU LEXI!" AMAZING! She put them on, walked onto the wood floor, and then bam, her legs just started moving! She even did her flap and shuffle I taught her the days prior! Smart little tapper!

Karmon was so kind and got me a month long membership at Barre3. It is a yoga meets pilates meets ballet class. Well.. I had it all planned out, bottle pumped, and daddy ready to take over after work. I made it to the class, only checked my phone 75 times, and had fun. It is a low impact, but high result workout. I know I will be feeling it in my legs tomorrow! I am excited to go back. I just have to get the time... time.. where are you?
Storytime is fun! 

I like Tummy Time more now. 

This elephant is fun to watch. I don't quite understand the balls that come out, but I like it. 

Today, we followed up with the doctor about our weight issue. We started nursing on both sides consistently and we gained.... 14 ounces... in 8 days. That has to be a record or something! Now we just have to keep it going!
Woke Up happy to see the Doctor!

Gaining weight is exhausting. 


We headed home, cleaned the house and rolled out. We are headed home for Mia Grace's 3rd Birthday!!!! We love parties and I love helping Alissa set up for the extravaganza! I am already planning Hollis' First Birthday! :) Get READY!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIA GRACE! The party was a huge success. Alissa is amazing at getting great details and making sure everyone has fun. The theme, Farm Animals, was topped off with a petting zoo! I fed a small goat and pig. They crushed a bottle of formula in about 15 seconds. Here are a few pictures.
Birthday Girl taking my picture with a tiny camera. 

Mia Grace Turns THREE! Look how adorable!

Hollis loved the Corn Kernal Pit. She loved the feel of it on her feet. She kept marching in it! 
I can't find other pictures. She looked adorable. They are all on my camera. I will have to upload later.
I got you a card... and a craft that isn't finished... :) 

I looked fancy for you! <3 We look a lot alike today. 

John had the privilege of preaching at church on Father's Day. Nothing like celebrating your first addressing the church! He did a great job, as usual. I came through with a great video... all that time on Facebook when nursing pays off! :) 

It was a great day of celebrating our dads. We have wonderful fathers and they are amazing role models! <3 we love you PaPa and Papi!<3

Sunday, June 8, 2014

.Hollis Parker Week Fourteen.

It is daddy's birthday! He is 29! We got him tickets to a Yankees/Indians game so he could see Derek Jeter his last year in the MLB. I sure do hope he plays! It will be the first time we are away for a long period of time. Mommy is already a complete stress about it.

During tummy time today, Hollis was focused on rolling. She rolled right over (back to belly and belly to back) and just stared at me. She doesn't know the magnitude of her accomplishments!
We have a fun elephant toy in her nursery. I decided to see what she would do if I put her on her belly in front of it. She LOVED it. She kept her head up for a long period of time. I have a video. It takes a long time to upload. We shall see when I get them. I will let you know!

So last well check (2 months) we hadn't been gaining as much weight as hoped. I made sure to keep her on the boob longer and make sure she started to get the hind milk. I decided to take her in for a three month check up to see how her weight was doing. Well.... turns out. Not so good. She only gained an ounce in a whole month! So.. we had some concerns. We thought it potentially is because of the shield. So, I made an appointment with the lactation consultant. But it wasn't for a week, so I called to get some advice before that. I didn't want to waste time. Turns out that only offering one breast wasn't sufficient. So, I started both. We will see how much it works.

we ruined the paper, got new, played with the old :)

Hollis and I went shopping. We got things for birthdays, Father's Day, and even a new crab toy for tummy time! I searched for red cowboy boots for Hollis for the farm party... no luck. Time is running out! I will keep looking!

Today I played with my new crab. He is awesome. I can see myself and he makes noise!
We played downstairs today and I got in the jumperoo! I LOVE it!! I sat in it for about 25-30 minutes. We definitely need to get one for home. The lights and sounds are so entrancing! hehe.
I love having hanging baskets. But, every year when I go to water them, I find a bird's nest. EVERY YEAR! It is so cute to see baby birds, but why does it always have to be in my hanging basket. Now it is dead.

Turns out eating more is exhausting. Hollis is a snoozing machine today. She slept great and is napping! She doesn't like to have her toes covered, just like mommy. John always says how she looks like me when she is sleeping. It is true! It makes me laugh.

We went out to dinner at our favorite place, Mi Cerrito with Gram and Papi. After, we got to get delicious Whit's Frozen Custard. Hollis thought she should get a bite of Gram's. We didn't give her any, but it was cute to watch her try!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT JAMIE! We love you! Today we visited Aunt Jamie on her birthday and in honor of National Donut day, we took her some Krispy Kreme! Yumm.

Stella had braids in this morning. How amazing does this super cute crimped hair look!

When we got back to the house, I busted out my tap shoes to prepare for the Alumni dance tomorrow. I am responsible for 40 counts. I was tapping and Hollis loved it! She loved the sounds. I am so excited to see how she reacts to the dance recital. Stella and Kennedy loved the tapping. They learned a few things too. I think we are ready for the concert!

I taught dance for 10 years and the girls in my first tap class are graduates this year and next year. Can this be real life?! So.. I was blessed to dance and do their final bow with them at the concert. I stopped by the dress rehearsal to make sure I knew what I was doing. I was also in the second generation dance with Hollis and the alumni number. Practice was fast, and we headed to Grandma Carol and Dale's for lunch. My mom made tacos, we played with the PS4 and grandma got some great smiles and giggles from Hollis.

Just tapping with mommy <3 

It was time for our debut! Hollis had her first recital! I can't believe it. 3 months old. I have dreamed of this day. I love the many things I have learned from dance and can't wait for Hollis to experience those things as well. Hollis LOVED to watch the show. She sat there for two hours, got tired, and fell asleep for the ending. She graced the stage for a brief 10 seconds in her tutu and got an amazing AWWWW from the audience. I wept as I danced and bowed to my seniors for the last time. The alumni dance turned out well. We pulled it together. It was a great tribute to Cheryl and her dedication to our lives and dance.


With Miss Cheryl :) 
With my FIRST star! <3 
With the seniors. Mommy's first tap class at OI. So proud of the women they have become. I can only hope Hollis is surrounded by role models like them. WAY TO GO Alexa, Ava, and Morgan! <3

My first recital was exhausting... Thanks Miss Cheryl for having me! <3

Well.... after the show, we decided to stay at Alissa's and just leave early in the morning when Hollis woke up to eat. So, at 4:15am, we headed out. I had to teach at church and John was in charge of Hollis. After church, we had it planned to meet with Jamie to go see The Fault in Our Stars. I read the book, and cried at one specific spot.. so I knew I would cry in the movie. We met and John and Hollis got to hang out. A bottle was ready to go. Turns out I did cry. I may even dare to say I liked the movie more than the book. I am not a fan of the actress, but she did the part justice.
Daddy sent this to me during the movie... I was totally that movie watcher checking her phone constantly! Sorry! 

Daddy and Hollis had a great time at home. She loves her jumparoo from Mia. She really enjoys the different toys and of course being able to 'stand' instead of laying down.

When I got home from the movie, Hollis was sleepy. Daddy day wore her out. We were all exhausted. We had a busy weekend. Time to get some sleep.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

::Three Months::

I am finding it hard to wrap my head around the fact that I have a three month old! She is so strong and getting rather independent. She loves to try new things. Hollis loves playing and grabbing things. She is getting better at tummy time, but it isn't her favorite.

 Just a little progression picture! :) She is 1/4 of a year old! <3

.Hollis Parker Week Thirteen.

We spent our memorial day first shopping at Meijer for a fun little baby pool for Hollis. Aunt Jamie and I went while daddy stayed home. This was the first time I have left her. I am her source of food... but we had a bottle, so I was ready to get out! Jamie and I enjoyed lunch (with one call from dad with a screaming Hollis in the background) and then we shopped at Meijer. We found the CUTEST pink pool (it matches her bathing suit) and a bigger pool for all of us. We looked like complete trash just chilling in the backyard with our big blow up pool! Hollis enjoyed the day as she laid in the pool and then laid in the shade.

Stella hates getting her hair done. Well, she loves to have it braided! Look how amazing it looks!

Hollis was beyond exhausted today. She just hung out and then she passed out on my lap.

The zoo opened the new Heart of Africa 'land'. We made it to the zoo (John came along) with all the kids. We limited ourselves to just two 'lands'. It was so much fun and the new part is amazing. I can't wait to go back and feed the giraffes and ride the camel! Hollis did great. She loved to look around and even took a bottle while the other kids played on an iceberg.

That night, we had the Braves Baseball Banquet! We got all gussied up and had a fun time cheering on the boys as they were recognized for the great season. Hollis got to see Owen, got new sunglasses, and held by everyone but mommy.

Today, Hollis wore some leggings. How cute are those thighs!

After work, we went to Tanuki (a hibachi) to eat dinner. I love going out to dinner. I always say if I won the lottery, I would eat out or have delivery for dinner every night. Hollis LOVED to watch the chef cook. It was funny to watch her eyes get HUGE when she saw the fire. She loved to sit and play with her toy when we got home. She had a whole range of emotions... haha.

After her bath, we put Hollis in her crib to hang out. She has found a new love, her blankie. Well, she was playing, trying to roll over, and she fell asleep. I literally sat in the rocking chair across the room and wept. WHY am I being such a weeping mess about this transition? Goodness. I need her to consistently sleep through the night... So I tell myself.
She woke up... so I nursed and swaddled her and put her beside me! hehe.

Tummy time is getting to be more fun. Hollis can hold her head up for a while, so it is fun to watch her expressions!

Saturday was SUPER busy. We drove back to the valley with our great friends Michelle and Zoey. As soon as we got home (with a bit of crying in those hours) I jumped in the car with Alissa to head to Ikea in Pittsburgh. We picked up Aunt Joey at the airport, then headed to Ikea to shop. I love that store. I appreciate the organization, low prices, and that Tiffany and Tara live so close. They came and shopped with us! We took advantage of a carpet square for photo ops! :) After we shopped until we dropped, we had dinner with the Cwalinski family at Olive Garden. I hadn't had it since red sauce caused my heartburn when pregnant. It was delicious!

Hollis usually gets a bath every night. But, we got a bath this morning with Mia. Hollis has been screaming with baths, so when she just laid back in the bath as I held her, it was funny to witness!

We went to church and Hollis was so well behaved! She just sat and listened.

Kim is getting married! We got to go to her bridal shower. It was so nice. Hollis slept. (not complaining) After the shower, we headed home. It was a much better ride home than the way into the valley. It was a quick but eventful weekend. <3