Monday, August 19, 2013

Introducing the NEWEST Daddy in Town!!!

Well... much to my surprise it was POSITIVE! I had pinned the perfect way to tell John! I had to do it! So... as I was using my skills on PowerPoint when John called EARLY to tell me he was on his way home... EEEK! I had to hurry. I only prayed that the printer had ink. It had ink, and we were in business! I was feeling excited and rushed all at the same time. So, I printed it out and I searched for a place to set it... kind of a strange to try to find a place to lay a stick you just peed on and you know your husband will see it when he walks it... I almost resorted to hanging it! (I refrained!) I decided on the island in the kitchen. 

So... in he comes...

He looks at me around the corner and I, of course, am STARING at him! He was so confused, so I changed my gaze toward the island. He caught on, look at it and said, "NO WAY! REALLY?!" I said... YES!!!!! 

After that, we decided we should take ourselves out to dinner. (we deserved it... we made a BABY!)

I look great there.. that has gone to crap as of lately! But look how excited we are! :) 

More adventures to come...